Hi, I am Priyanka Joshi! Founder of Sanity Daily. My pen name is Virtual Siyahi, meaning Virtual Ink.

Virtual Siyahi is my first blog (2016), where I pen down all my thoughts, life lessons, inspirational stories, poems, incidents, social stigmas, and stereotypes and how I overcome them.

I aim to break the patterns created by the limiting beliefs in us, I aspire to inspire people who feel low about themselves, I want to become a listener and give a word which could soothe a pain. I spread Mental Health Awareness through my write-ups and my Youtube Channel.

Today I have a professional setup named Sanity Daily, but since this is my first blog, I keep on coming back to it and I just be myself whenever I am writing at this space, I forget about the SEO part and be that amateur blogger who once started blogging being completely unaware about the blogging world.


Today, I am top listed mental health blogger, with above 800 blogs in my credit, a youtube channel, a podcast, two books, and still open to learn and explore.

Consistency is the key that keeps me going, and you can join me on this journey too.

Want mental health one to one sessions? Reach out!

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This blog is built piece by piece, pouring a lot of thought process and deep thinking and will continue to do so. I am grateful for all the support from my readers and followers, you inspire me to aspire!!

Let me help you forge your path!

For enquiries, get in touch: priyanka@sanitydaily.com

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