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How to nurture a child’s Mental Health?

As a parent, how important is it for us to nurture our Child’s Mental Health? To make them life ready instead of making them ready to win all the competitions, trophies and top all the exams?

As per WHO (World Health Organization) over 300 million people are suffering from some of the other kind of Mental Illness. More than 8 lacs of teenagers commit suicide worldwide every year and hardly 10 % of them receive timely treatment in the form of proper counseling and medications.

We as a parent often want to control our child’s life, we want to be their masters but it will be all the more beneficial if we try to become their emotional coach. If we treat them as an individual too. If we help them by nurturing their intelligence and natural skills to bloom. Parents have a lot of power when it comes to their child’s mental health. 

It’s a cry from the deep-rooted stigma when most of the parents want their kids to fulfill a dream, a career option which they could NOT pursue or complete due to some reason. 

My daughter is six years old, she is studying in an International school where apart from the academics she is provided with all the extracurricular activities like swimming, dance, art, theatre, public speaking, taekwondo, skating and what not.

I do get asked questions like don’t you send her for tuitions? Dance class or drawing class? Do I need to put her in any extra class in this situation? Won’t that be too much for a six-year-old? The environment has become so superficially competitive that people blindly follow the rat race, and forget to pause and reflect.

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What are the leading causes of Mental Health problems in Children?

Performance pressure

Unknowingly we are creating a very competitive environment for our children, we compare kids, we get worried over their performance and we pressurize them. I am not saying that we should not monitor them, we should, but we need to define a line, set a capacity meter, performance measure from the child’s last performance and not with other children’s performance.

Not every kid is the same and neither their Intelligent quotient will be the same. Let us help our child bloom and discover their area of interest. Where a schools’ role is to provide an atmosphere of basic learning to a kid to enhance his intellects, the parent’s role is to make them aware and knowledgeable by continuous nurturing them with positive thoughts and values.

Physical abuse

It occurs when a parent or an adult cause severe physical or emotional harassment to the child. Lucky ones are those who are treated as the apple of the eyes of their parents. There exists a group of children who are regularly physically tortured, tying their hands, starving them, throwing objects on the child and it’s really heartbreaking to even imagine the worst forms.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse happens when a child is forced to commit a sexual act. It also includes fondling a child’s genitals or making a child touch someone else’s genitals, telling a child dirty jokes or stories, forcing a child to undress. It is a very disturbing fact that most of the times it is discovered that the culprits are someone from the family or close relatives who commits such heinous act with the child at such a tender age.


Bullying is a cruel, aggressive and oppressive behavior, usually carried out over a period of time. It can be physical, like hitting or pushing someone, or verbal or emotional threats and intimidation. It s very distressingly for a child to bear it.

Above mentioned are few causes which are prevalent causes to trigger a Mental Disorder of any form in a child in the long run. It can cause long-term emotional damage as well as physical scars.

Victims are likely to feel humiliated and powerless, resulting in lower self-esteem, no self-confidence, low self-worth, and their studies may be disrupted as well.

At its worst, the effects last up to adulthood sometimes and have driven victims to self-harm and committing suicide.

What can we do as a parent?

Ten ways to Nurture our Children

  1. Listen first, talk second
  2. Apologize to them when you overreact and realize it, shed away the parental ego.
  3. Encourage them to do things on their own, appreciate their efforts.
  4. Share your personal stories to teach them something important.
  5. Teach them to accept failures
  6. Teach them to take deep breathes, light yoga and meditation.
  7. Losing patience with a child is common, try to keep cool, they are watching and learning.
  8. Explore new things together, go for a walk, stay close to nature.
  9. Engage in some act of kindness.
  10. Praise effort over achievement.

In the end, I would say that the whole idea of perfect parenting is a myth, we should simply aim to be a good one. Every parent tries to be a good one for their child, just take a few more steps and be there, be aware and be present with your child.

The environment we provide for our child holds many opportunities for nourishing good mental health both at a young age and into adulthood.

I am no one to give a piece of parental advice but I am certainly trying to make an attempt to help people notice that we are heading towards a superficial world and it will lead to more depression,  more anxiety, and all the more stressful environment. So let us make our children life ready.

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18 thoughts on “How to nurture a child’s Mental Health?

  1. Wonderful and an eye opener post. In today’s competitive environment there is a lot of pressure on kids regarding education and other activities. We as parents have to handle this in such a way that they do not feel pressurised otherwise results are drastic. I completely agree to the 10 ways mentioned to nurture a child .

  2. You will definitely do your job in a perfect way, yes ,nurturing a child’s mental health have so many wrong dimensions with the excuse of “competition”, its really pathetic to see those children under extreme pressure which they are somehow managing.
    Hopefully in future some parents will tackle it more logically and emotionally.

  3. Hey Priyanka ✨ A Great post again👏 Well said about the mental pressure coerced with kids because of blind new social structure. Abuse & bullying in different kinds, it is indeed a shocking thing happening in current society and a disturbing fact, There should be a severe punishment for all these acts. People should realise how that affects someone’s mental health. Well written Advices: Every parent must read this and be aware of what mistakes they are doing and must correct them. Looking forward for more interesting posts from you ✨🤗✍️

    1. Thank you so much for being to supportive and appreciating my views 😊.
      Just making an attempt to put light on underlying issue,ms,there is much more to it, will keep writing as I learn and understand more.

  4. Wow this was a truly wonderful and enlightening write up priyanka I am also a counselor by profession and have come across multiple cases like this where kids are treated more like personal property and less as humans

  5. Depression is a child is common and grown ups need to understand that the small ones may grow up with the issues, becoming major in adulthood. You have tackled the issue in a sensitive manner and needs for parents to keep tracks whether abusive relatives, listening to them and say sorry. I don’t get this overburdened competition preventing overall growth, Priyanka,

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