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It’s a Happy World!

It’s a Happy World indeed!

Today I will be sharing something really special with you because sharing is caring πŸ™‚ I am a big fan of a life Illustration page at Instagram by SwarnimArt showcasing little happiness of life by her beautiful illustrations which will make your day.

Swarnim is a Ruskin Bond fan and you will find utmost dedication and devotion in her art she portrays daily through her doodle work or illustrations.Β  _itsahappyworld_ page at Instagram is a wonderful and creatively designed page which illustrates simple things of life, be it a couple finding happiness around, simply enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a book or as simple as enjoying your own company. All these little things in life help us to keep moving and take it easy in life. Whenever I am on my Instagram page I make sure to visit her profile and check for her latest post, it lightens me and puts a smile on my face. No No this is not at all a paid write up guys, but just a small gesture by a fan of art. Kala ke Kadradaan πŸ™‚

Here are some of my favorites and for more you can visit her Instagram profile SwarnimArt @_itsahappyworld_

Hope these illustrations will put a smile at your face and brighten up your day as well πŸ™‚


Three mantras of happiness:
1. Think of old friends.
2. Make new friends.
3. Become your own best friend. .
~Ruskin Bond


No matter how stressed you are, just remember how blessed you are.


Yes truly and really important things like :
Putting nail polish, Shopping, Praising each other, Gossiping, Sleepovers, Tea chit chatΒ 


Much love and gratitude




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