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Joining hands together #sharetheload #1

#DoingLaundary #sharetheloadmovement

This is the first part of the four parts blog posts series for Ariel’s  #Sharetheload campaign in association with Blogadda.

With its recent ad, Ariel has once again raised a mirror to society, to create a better world where there is equality within the household, where men have equal responsibilities and equal ownership of chores.

Since 2015, Ariel has been an advocate for the women and has continued to raise pertinent questions including ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’ — hence drawing attention to the uneven distribution of domestic chores. This year, they have delved into the differences in how many times sons and daughters are raised differently. (Source: Better India)

I wanted my husband to be a part of this movement and being a progressive dad of a five-year-old daughter he too wanted to set an example in front of her. The first task was to do the laundry and after the hectic journey we had piles of clothes waiting to be washed and cleaned, he took the charge and I could not stop bragging 🙂


He did not only put clothes to the wash but also put them to dry in the balcony. He once said that, it’s not the male thing but he was raised like that, a very much pampered and protected kid and he never thought of helping his mom but with time he realized there is no harm in playing equal in terms of doing household chores and is a very much disciplined person when it comes to household matters.

It is true that more men today Share The Load than ever before. But, despite progress, as a society, we’re still far from complete household equality, hence the movement’s return,  I request you to say it loud once…

After the task, I made him say, I  pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

#ShareTheLoad #Blogadda #ToughIsEasy

Much love and gratitude



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