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Just a surname!

Dear Mother-in-law,

I was married with whole customs and rituals to your son.

I too had a family like yours.

I too had a loving life like yours,

I too have a loving mother and a caring father like yours,

I too have a sweet little brother like yours.

I too have vivid childhood memories like yours,

I too am ambitious, and dreamy

I too am sweet and beamy

I too feel the same air

I too breathe like you do

I too exist like you do

I came to you to stay with you

I left my house to brighten your house

I wanted to be a part of it, I wanted to weave my dream with your dreams

I wanted to be your friend and take you to the place you have never been

I wanted your love and affection

what I got was just criticism

here I am after 8 years of my life when I look back to check, what I gained being a Bahu of this house…

and what I find is, just a SURNAME.


Much love and gratitude




29 thoughts on “Just a surname!

      1. These days are sent to try us. Breathe in goodness breathe out toxic. Keep focused on your inner love and rise up to find your inner goddess. Faux

  1. Wow, so lovely and then we’re just with the truth. This was a lovely piece of writing 😊. Don’t ever feel bad or let that criticism into your heart, you are better than that❤️

  2. This is brilliantly written. Often people forget the sacrifices women does. Leaving home and everything to come to a new world. The end was beautifully put. 🌸🌸

    Btw my wife didn’t change her surname 😊

  3. Every Bahu’s story in typical Indian family.. I just wonder the mother in law’s would have faced the same in their time..

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