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Mental Health Awareness Series- Humanity ki Chain ~ Episode -1

Welcome to the very first Episode of Humanity ki chain, Mental Health Awareness Series.

This Mental health awareness series is a small attempt from my side to spread some mental health awareness and enable people to talk. The more we talk about it, the more we will be able to break the stigmas attached to it.

Mental Health is as important as Physical Health and it is not possible to drive a massive change alone, so let’s join together and spread some positivity.

The first guest joining me in this initiative of mine is, Ms. Pooja Priyamavada, A single parent, a fibromyalgia survivor. A professional translator, blogger and content creator at many different platforms.

She has also published a book on Mental Health very recently, Mental Health : A Primer.

The link to Pooja Priyamvadda’s Mental Health Book is here
Mental Health:A Primer 

If you want to understand about this series then you can watch th eintroductory video of this Mental Health Awarenesss Series- Humanity ki chain here.

You can be a part of this chain too. If you have a story related to mental health or a strong message to share which you think can empower someone or give valubale inputs then you are welcome to join me in this inititative.

Be a part (kadi) of this Humanity ki chain.
Contact me –

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair
Founder and Editor


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