Mental House Cleaning.

For all the things you say to yourself, others tell you, all the stress you go through, responsibilities and duties you address to,in your daily

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am truly grateful for being nominated for Versatile blogger award by Chiranjive(Chiru) an amazing emerging blogger. Thank you so much for nominating me. Do

A Mother’s Delight!

One September evening, at 6 O’clock, I first met her.. Eyes with sparkling purity, tender touch of her skin, From the moon she must have

90’s rebel

Statutory Warning: Read it if you grew up in 90’s, so that you can enjoy the nostalgic ride you are going to have right now


I have never ever reviewed any movie, and after watching the movie October , I first time felt like writing about a movie watching experience.

Hashtag Murder

  Ever seen people using # hashtags for writing their whole stories, I have seen many people on various Social Media platforms, using hashtags before

Do not Stare!!

Don’t stare, we are just breastfeeding our baby! A major shout out by the Grihalakshmi March Issue , which spoke about the importance of breastfeeding,

Politically Incorrect!!

  I was never in my life interested in the much talked about topic– POLITICS!! I could hardly understand the point of indulging myself in

Weaves of India!!

The threads of each state speak volume about their cultural heritage. Handlooms are an important craft product and comprise the largest cottage industry of the

Saat Janam Edited!!

  We hear this every time, saat Janmo ka bandhan, saat janmo ka sath..One marriage locks you with your partner for next seven lives…Saat Vachan

Are you life ready?

  You know a road, which will lead you to your future—–will you be ready to go there? Actually you do not have to wait

The Culture Khichdi!

Ever since childhood, I have traveled a lot and stayed at different places, experiencing the difference in culture, food, taste and preferences, dressing, a difference

The Mango Pickle!

We all have tasted that Mango pickle once in our life, sweet, sour,pungent, bitter, spicy.. filled with so many flavours. This is how the life

Bidding adieu to 2016

Here ends one another year.. for many it would have been the best for some it would have been the worst year of their lives…but hope