Virtual Siyahi

Quantified by the each step I took

This one for the one who is sneaking up on me…

Stalking me ever since I was born,

Teasing me when I could not stand, but crawl,

Belittling me when I was seeking support to stand,

Criticizing my effort to stand without support,

Judging me when I took that first step,

Discouraging me when I took different directions,

Misguiding me in the wrong direction,

Breaking my morale to see me rattling,

Questioning me for being myself,

Depreciating my achievements,

Harassing my accomplishments,

Doubting my learnings,

Abolishing my implications,

But I stand here with my head high, unapologetic, fierce and with a full positive attitude, breaking all the depressing norms set by the SOCIETY, we live in.





4 thoughts on “Quantified by the each step I took

    1. This is Wonderful! What an amazing story weaving, only an experienced writer like you can do it. Thank you so much for participating and giving us such a wonderful piece of writing.

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