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Real or a Fake

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So you want to see if I am genuine or a fake

not for you to decide anyway

even if I am a fake who are you to judge me, for god sake?

You are an ignorant butcher

trying to chop my spirits in bits and rupture

no no you won’t succeed I will not allow you to

You can try all your strength and go to an extreme length

Still, I will stand straight, you will find me here

punching back every time you try to hit me.

You can try, but you cannot break my spirit

I am a tough head

seeking the good in every bad

turning scars into stars

I believe in love and not the wars

Live with me or leave me

I am too much to handle

so next time you doubt my integrity

don’t forget my brevity

and I would suggest you back off before you lose your dignity.

Much love and Gratitude



23 thoughts on “Real or a Fake

  1. I am thankful to you for writing this. I myself am facing this Kind of issue and it was pulling me down reading your words has once again made me strong and determined

  2. Amazing spirit you get there! but isn’t this kind of douchebaggy because at the end you are doing the same that they are to you. I dunno just my opinion. No offence.

    1. Thanks Sid!
      I am not offended😃 towards the end,I certainly warn my haters to walk out of my life before they lose any respect 😉 as I won’t stop no matter how much they criticize my efforts.

  3. Bang on! I am speechless. And there is no need to prove anyone that you are fake or genuine. People are like me who are associated with you either a short period of time, know your value dear and love you as you are.

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