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Sharing is Caring #sharetheload #2


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This is the second part of the four parts blog posts series for Ariel’s  #Sharetheload campaign in association with Blogadda.

Recently we took a week’s break and we went for a wonderful short summer vacation to Kerala.


Although the thought of taking a break from the chaotic life of Mumbai brings a wide smile on anybody’s face, the packing, unpacking, storing then restoring all the traveling essentials and segregating unwashed and used clothes from the fresh ones and putting them to laundry is one of the tedious tasks.

For someone like me who is always blamed for the higher OCD levels when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, I head straight for unpacking and putting things in place after I reach home after my travel, yes trust me when I say this 🙂 It is only once I have unpacked and restored all the pieces of stuff I take a sigh of satisfaction and some time to relax.

#Wardrobe #unpacking

This time while coming back from Kerala we took the train route, for the ones who have traveled via Train to Kerala from Mumbai they can understand WHY? Simply because my husband loves the train journey, only the Konkan route. The train route is such that you cross Ratnagiri, Thivim, Goa on the way and the beautiful views and nature’s beauty is worth the long journey.

and I left it in between

This time the train was running three hours late and it was in the late evening we reached home, with a five-year-old kid girl by my side I wanted to take care of her first.

For once I took it slow this time and left the unpacking thought aside, got fresh and went straight to the kitchen but to my surprise, my husband decided to #sharetheload for me, he did not only helped me in unpacking the suitcases but also put the unused and clean clothes straight to the wardrobe.


I was so happy to see this, not because I was spared from the task but my little one was appreciating her dad when she saw him helping her mom doing such basic household task.

My husband has always been a helping hand and my little daughter feels great about it, and when I say thank you in return they (Father-Daughter duo) say mama Ghar to hum tino ka hai na 🙂 to sirf aap sab kyu karogi? 

It is true that more men today Share The Load than ever before. But, despite progress, as a society, we’re still far from complete household equality, hence the movement’s return,  I request you to say it loud once…I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

 #ShareTheLoad #Blogadda #ToughIsEasy

Much love and gratitude



26 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring #sharetheload #2

      1. Yes, I shall be able to avail a little break only after my son’s admission to college after the result of ISCE Examinations scheduled to be out on 7 that May .Thank you so much 🌷🌻🌷🌻🌷

    1. Hi!! Thanks yes will try to share a separate post, this was exclusively for Blogadda campaign 🙂
      Kerala is my sasural , we visit there every summer and trust me it is amzing 🙂

      1. I know you are worthy of receiving many awards yet I had to nominate bloggers for the Sunshine Bloggers Award so I nominated you for it.

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