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Stop Pleasing and Start Living

I recently saw a video where in the terminally ill patients who had been under Palliative (end of life) care were trained by stand up comedians to perform in front of their loved ones and the hospital staff, and the topic they joked about was Death. It was a very funny, yet somehow sad video.The people who performed had illness which would ultimately take their life in a few days or months to come, but they were joking about it. I really loved the video it gave me 2 messages:
1. Life is too short to take it seriously
2. No matter how long you live death is the only and ultimate truth of life.
It really got me thinking, we as human race, since the day we are born try to live our lives to impress others, to please others. In school we study hard to get good marks to impress our parents and they in turn to impress the society we live in. In college we work hard to get better job prospects again to fit in the society. In a job we work hard to impress our boss and get job recognition. As a married man or woman ,we work hard to impress our In-laws, spouse and try to be perfect parent to kids.Our life is nothing but a series of events where we try to live our lives the way others expect us to, where we live to please others.
In this short span of life, how many days would we have lived for ourselves, impress ourselves, get approval from ourselves, if you count the days I am sure there are not too many. I can assure you there are not too many people who can say I have lived the life the way I wanted to live. Every time you think of doing something for yourself the thought of disappointing others comes to your mind. Dear people, Let me tell you something, once your gone people will forget you no matter how much they loved you when you were alive, it’s the circle of life, time heals everything. So why we as an individual want to live by pleasing others, why can’t our life be about ourselves also. I remember this dialogue from Jab we Met, where Kareena Kapoor says “Main apni favourite hu” why cant we be our favorites. Why do we need validation from the people around us.We spend a lot of money trying to look good (again to impress others).But what about your heart, your soul, your mind, why can’t we spend our time, money and resources to satisfy our inner self.
Dear friends towards the end of our lives when we look back we may be happy that we have done a lot for our family and friends but when you ask yourself this question what I did for myself maybe then it will dawn upon you that the life you lived, so preciously guarded, was never yours in the first place. While you were busy pleasing others you missed yourself in between somewhere.
Make it point henceforth that at least once in a week you will do something for yourself, no matter how small it is or how big it is, it should only be about you. It could anything but the ultimate goal is to satisfy your innerself. Trust me doing this will do wonders to your health, your mindset and your outlook towards your life. You will be a better person, a happy person, a person with no regrets. As I said and as we know life is too short, today we are here tomorrow we may not be. But when the time comes I want you to have that satisfaction from inside that your life was a life well lived. So everyone out there lets take an oath today that henceforth I will dedicate one day in a week only for myself on that day I am no one else, I am not a mother or father, wife or a husband, daughter or son, I am no one but just ME. Because in the end it will between you and yourself.
Happy living folks!



4 thoughts on “Stop Pleasing and Start Living

  1. Be Me! This entire thing is on my mind and we achieve nothing pleasing others, be it family, friends or relatives and we hardly realize of being robbed of an identity we never had in the first place.

  2. Just Watched Your video on You tube. THANKS for sharing your story of blogging journey. I recently started blogging this year and i’m loving no matter how much people appreciate my work but it make me feel like that i’m doing something that i love.
    And after watching your success story I’m inspired more…thank you #virtualsiyahi

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