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Day 5 – List Five Things You are Grateful For

What are you grateful for?

What is that one thing which keeps you going?

Do you pay attention to your breaths which are continuous source of your life, a never ending, abundant supply of life to your soul? Are you thankful for each breath you breathe, each moment you live, each day you wake up to life?

It feels like we have come back to square one of humanity, as in this situation of lockdown we are so isolated with the outside world that we we can actually use this time to be grateful for little things in our life? Like we used to do in the pre-internet era.

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The era in which we believed in more personal connection, when we used to pay attention to little things on our life and appreciate it’s presence around us.

It could be as little as being grateful for the daily cup of tea your mom gives you without asking for it, it could be that uninterrupted wifi connection, it could be your child’s love, it could be the fragrance of the flowers in your garden. It could be even the food you eat in the given scenario, it is just few days since we are under lockdown and in coming days we have no clue what all we would witness.

We hardly pause and reflect, we hardly pay attention to things available to us for free and in abundance, we lack compassion and empathy, just shift your focus and turn within, trust me you will enjoy being there.

So, on the 5th day of offical lockdown in India , I would request to you that besides you meditate or exercise, please list done five things you are grateful for and express your sincere gratitude to it.

Please stay home, stay safe. Take care.