Virtual Siyahi

लापता सी ज़िन्दगी

लापता सी इस ज़िन्दगी मेंअपनी शख़्सियत तलाश रहीं हु चंद पलो की खुशियाँ नहींउम्र भर का सुक़ू तराश रहीं हु वक़्त-बेवक़्त मुझसे मिलने आते है


जब कदम साथ नहीं देते और ज़ेहन दम तोड़ने लगता है मन से हारने लग जाती हु और तन साथ छोड़ने लगता है उस वक़्त

संघर्ष मेरा साँझा

नित प्र्यासी मैं मौन और उपवासी मैं तन के भीतर ह्रदय के तार से अंतर मन के टूटे से एक द्वार से एक आवाज़ सी

नियत पर सवाल – कविता

नियत पर सवाल यह जो वक़्त मैंने कुछ कहने और सुनने में बिताया है यह वो अनमोल पल है जो मैंने किसी के साथ ना बिताया

I am Digitally Yours

Where conversations have become texting, discussions have become con calls and feelings have become status updates, I wonder where are we heading as humans as we are loosing human touch.

The HERO of my life!

This short story is entirely dedicated to my father, we rarely express our love and respect for our father through poetries and write-ups, so through

प्रति – योगिनी

यह पल एक जीवन शाला है इसके तृण तृण में सार समाया है कुछ मिथ्या है तो कुछ सत्य कुछ मिलावट है तो कही थोड़ी

A War inside the Head

I see the road I always wanted to travel A place forbidden for me but I had to unravel Distance doesn’t scare me Hardwork doesn’t

Words & Me

I belong here this is between me and my words the ink and the paper I reside somewhere in between my pen and those bare

Missing pieces

one day one moment any second of your life could be that moment in which either you take pride or you are taken for a

2019 Goal Review

Hello, Time for 2019 Goal Review How is the year 2019 treating you all? We are halfway through this year, it’s already June and just

Women Are Roses

A masterpiece by ten authors combining like rose petals and forming a complete flower. A complete rose that is already to bloom and spread its fragrance to inspire everyone who reads this book.

Mental Health Matters #2

Mind collided with deep thoughts seeking refuge in pain the utter silence creeps on devastating the inner feelings the dim shine the pale brightness the

Sunshine Blogger Award #4

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by a very sweet and inspiring blogger Shruti Mehta.  Thank you so much, Shruti. This is my fourth

Kuch Khwab Pure Se

Kuch khwaish adhuri si.. kuch khwab pure se.. kuch zindagi ke tarane ab bhi gungunane baki hai.. ~~~~ Saans jo chalti hai nishpaksh, nischal usme


सोचा की यह देहलीज़ लाँघ दू, की अब और सहा नहीं जाता.. कितना भी सोच लू पर अब और कुछ कहा नहीं जाता.. आज अपने

It’s a Happy World!

It’s a Happy World indeed! Today I will be sharing something really special with you because sharing is caring 🙂 I am a big fan

Beyond ME

For all the steps I take in order for me to make a life of my dream for that lasting gleam for the enormous space

Enrouting to self

I have been there, seen it all Even when I was not needed, I was there to catch them before they fall I laughed with

Main kaun hu

Ek chahat bhara nagma kisi ke rooh ka sukun kisi ka sapna kisiki khwahish kisika gurur kisike dil ka surur to kisike aankho ka noor

Just a surname!

Dear Mother-in-law, I was married with whole customs and rituals to your son. I too had a family like yours. I too had a loving


I watch myself rise, I watch myself fall through a distance, I stand and I see it all I have this shield of solitude around

Emotional Rubbish

Important Lesson!!!! There is such a thing as Emotional rubbish, it is produced in the factories of the mind. It consists of pain that has

Wicked Wednesday!

Here I am down with fever and severe throat infection🤒 was unable to read or write something from two-three days and it made me a