प्रति – योगिनी

यह पल एक जीवन शाला है इसके तृण तृण में सार समाया है कुछ मिथ्या है तो कुछ सत्य कुछ मिलावट है तो कही थोड़ी सजावट है रोज़ नए पाठ पढ़ाते हुए हर एक क्षण का हिसाब लगाते हुए समय की सुई के साथ कदम मिलाते हुए बस चलते जाना है जो ये खेल है …

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Words & Me

I belong here this is between me and my words the ink and the paper I reside somewhere in between my pen and those bare pages I breathe in these words I write to express I am sorry if you are not impressed I am creating my own space within my pace I am playing …

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Missing pieces

one day one moment any second of your life could be that moment in which either you take pride or you are taken for a ride punched, crushed soul brutually criticised gathering courage to gather all the peices of rampage torn apart still holding on shutting down lying in the sea of pain revering each …

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