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Walk Alone

When having no one by your side…Walk Alone

When you see dreams with open eyes…Walk Alone

When you have a vision of a beautiful life…Walk Alone

When no one understands, no one supports… Walk Alone

When you feel you are right…Walk Alone

When no one takes you on their stride… Walk Alone

When no one believes in you…Walk Alone

When you feel dejected..Walk Alone

When the howling wind turns your life upside down…Walk Alone

When you struggle to hold yourself…Walk Alone

When you feel your lowest lows…Walk Alone

Be not afraid… to Walk Alone…Never fear… to Walk Alone…

Complete your journey of life. If you find someone genuine on the way, then stick to them or else WALK ALONE.

Writing this poetry reminds me of a Bengali patriotic song written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1905..Below is the link for the same.

Much Love and Gratitude



Netiquette- Internet Behavior- Let’s Talk About It.


This post is in lieu of the present situation where almost the whole world breathes on social media aka the internet. Did you know that your freedom of speech can trigger someone’s mental health issues?

Where the whole world is talking about how we should take care of our mental health and stay kind, I see a whole lobby of predators ready to bite you even if you make a small grammatical or typo error, if you write something they don’t believe in, if you just write something and it doesn’t match with their ideologies. Poof!

There would always be a difference of opinions, there would be always different perspectives to see a single thing. But I have experienced certain incidents where even known people come and leave their anxiety in my comment section, which leaves me wondering whose anxiety I am dealing with.

After shedding tons and tons of inhibitions, a person starts expressing himself and just imagine what these people do to them with their unsolicited advice and comment. Now they pass their judgments wrapped in the packet of ‘feedback’ and you have to take it otherwise you are being naive.

What amuses me the most is how people are forgetting their basic etiquettes of communications. If you genuinely want to share something, you can always personal message that person, you can leave your constructive feedback in the inbox, but you have to show it to the world that how knowledgeable you are and how amateur someone else is.

Then in our blogging world, there is this rat race and everybody is running. In this process of running, they pull each other, demean each other, some feel too entitled just because they are blogging for several years and some think of themselves as a blogger just after posting one blog.

In this whole noise, the content is no longer a king, and the one who is able to make a lot of noise about what they are doing becomes the self-acclaimed king. Besides this, whenever my piece of work gets featured somewhere, people reached out to my inbox asking me straight that how did I get featured? Did I pay them or can I nominate them too?

Very recently a lady asked me directly if it’s her video session which inspired me to create videos, whereas I have been creating videos for the past 3 years and it is very old news. Perhaps, people have forgotten the basic art of communicating. They have lost ethics and etiquettes and then they present a very powerful internet image every one falls for.

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There are so many posts that disturb me or with whom I don’t relate at all, but I will never go and put my unsolicited advice there. That is not our thing to do. Just because people post in public, they don’t give an open invitation to roast them.

Then what is the difference between the ones who worship words, literacy, new ideas and the trollers who just wait for someone to make a mistake.

Social Media Etiquette suggests:

  • Think before you post anything on social media.
  • Think before you comment.
  • Think before you give your feedback in the form of a comment.
  • Think before you put your negativity in someone else’s post.
  • Think before you troll someone.
  • Think before you approach someone.
  • Think about whether what you are posting is reliable?
  • Think, if it will inspire others?
  • Be respectful.
  • Be encouraging.
  • Use please and thank you.
  • Give due credits.
  • Unfollow if you don’t like someone’s content instead of criticizing them.
  • If you don’t agree with someone’s idea, don’t comment.
  • If you think someone has a different opinion, don’t say it is wrong, opinions are never right or wrong.
  • Check your intention.
  • A number of likes don’t determine your social worth.
  • Digital life is not a testament to your actual life.
  • Remember that social media is a place where people put up the curated highlights of their life. So Judge less and avoid the comparison trap.
  • Once in a while have a complete social media detox. It helps.

Be kind. Be wise.

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

How is Life After COVID-19 Pandemic Going To Be?

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing well and keeping safe.

In this short blog, I am going to share my recent experience with you all.

My daughter was facing some allergy for a long time but due to the complete lockdown, we could not take her to the doctor, and as soon the unlock phase began, I decided not to delay it further and book an appointment for the doctor.

So before we could step out of the house, we arranged for a sanitiser, masks and gloves and since we were going by a two-wheeler we covered ourselves with a thin layer of cotton sheet (dupatta).

As we started from home my daughter panicked, she was holding me tightly and was being fearful, I realised the amount of fear this global pandemic has instilled in our children, she was scared that the disease and the police will catch us.

All the way she was scared of Policemen and Corona, for the first time I saw her being claustrophobic and she was about to throw up. While driving the two-wheeler all I could do was to ease and make her feel calm, but for the first time I experienced a panic attack in my 7 year old kid.

Once we reached the clinic, I gave her some water and tried to sooth her but she was all sweaty and and nervous. To top it, the security guard came and handed us one more set of mask asking to wear it, we were already wearing masks and he said to enter the clinic you need to wear two.

We entered the clinic and doctor and everyone at the clinic was following the 6-ft social distancing, (which is a good thing of course) even the doctor checked my daughter from a 6 ft distance. As we left the clinic the first thing my daughter said to me was, Mama, I will never ever step out from the house, please let’s go home.

While returning back, again she was fearful and as soon as we reached home she went to bathroom and had a bath, only after that she was at ease and went to sleep for straight 2 hours. It was really an awful experience and a reality check that life after coronavirus is no same for us. We are somewhere stuck between the old normal and new normal.

It is still there and the impact it has made will haunt the normal lives for quiet sometime unless you are a daredevil.

So no matter how much precaution we take but it has successfully managed to haunt us and play with our mindset. In the end, I would say stay at home as much as you can, take care, especially for the kids and elders because they are the most feared and sensitive people.

Please take care and stay safe.

Love and Gratitude