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Sometimes it is just about being in the moment

Sometimes it is not about winning

it is neither about the likes or dislikes

sometimes it is just about venting out the emotions

relieving yourself

experimenting with words

playing with verses

not fearing to be open

not ashamed of being yourself

not pretending to be what you are not

accepting your inner fears

facing them

making it even with them

making a comeback strong enough

every time you fail and give up

for your every choice

for every step


you got to believe in yourself before anybody else

you got to have faith in your efforts to make them work for you.



Much love and gratitude



Let’s be BRAVE!

No matter how mountain-high the difficulties appear to be,

they are all terrible but delusions…

Crush your fear and it banishes…

Face your fear and it vanishes…

Hold on to the heights, be steady…

Avoid criticism and be life ready…

Be sincere towards yourself and work on your progress…

Never be jealous of others success, it will make you slave…

Arise, awake, work-hard and be brave!


Much love and gratitude



Why you need Courage?

Being courageous does not mean you are not afraid of anything, it simply means you won’t let fear to stop you from moving ahead in life.

Why do we need courage? When do we need it the most?

Ask a woman who wants to work and make her own identity, but her husband refuses to adjust with her dreams…

Ask a man who works day and night, without thinking about liking or disliking the job, but fulfilling his duties towards his family…

Ask a homosexual/transgender to come out openly and admit their existence…

Ask a newly married girl, who struggles hard to make some space for herself in her new house…

Ask an old age person, who moves on with life even when his own body gives up on him…

Ask a toddler who took his very first step in life…

Ask anyone and everyone around you…

You will only get one answer – “ To make a difference in their lives and to change their present condition”.

Never let you present condition define your future. Take Charge!

Virtual Siyahi

Much Love and much gratitude