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Kuch Khwaish adhuri si

Dil kehta hai thoda thehar ja

Ek do kadam ka chalna bhi jo ab fasla sa lagta hai

Roshan hokar bhi sab na jane kyu dhua dhua sa lagta hai…

Ranjisho aur shikvo ke kisse to naye purane bikhre zamane ho gaye

milne milane ke kisse bhi ab sadiyo purane ho gaye

ab to mulaqat hoti bhi hai to bas us lamhe mein

jisme chipa unka intzar hai..

nazar bharke dekh le to jaan paye, tu aye kafir

ke inme chupa kitna gehra pyar hai..


on a shayarna note,



For you to decide

I could be a story of despair

If I chose to compare myself with others,

I can be a story of misery

If I complain and do nothing for the things which bothers,


If I take a few steps

I will reach somewhere

I if sit and wait for the right day

It might take forever


An idea is just a step away from becoming a reality

A dream is ready to take that leap of faith if you blend it with your morality


As we breathe in and out,

As we log in and log out

We connect, we disconnect

From the world and its intricacies

From the vulnerable realities and deep atrocities

Remember, rising above all the odds is always possible,

it is just for you to decide.


Much love and gratitude




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