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Eight Hours Sleep – A Distant Dream!

Eight hours Sleep!! Call it a distant dream or Ins’MOM’nia, it sounds the same for a sleep deprived mom.

Sleep is a tool for us to repair, to heal and to give our mind and body some rest. Trust me I crave for a sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours in a day. Hustling and juggling in between my work, my baby, my husband, and my blog, sometimes I feel 24 hours are way too insufficient for a day. And it reminds me of my Mayka, my childhood days, teenage days, koi fikar thi na koi bahana, mutthi me tha jaise zamana..

When I was a teenager, like many of you, I loved to sleep, I use to wake up by 8:00 am or 9:00 am in the morning and my mom was always after me asking those rhetorical questions, “what will you do in sasural? How will you manage if you wake up so late even after your marriage?”

I used to hug her and tell her, “Maa sone de yar, vaha jakar to kaam hi karna hai. I won’t get a chance to sleep this late in my in-law’s house so let me have some sound sleep in my house.”

I only realized the importance of sleep, when I got married. My husband is a late night creature, a nocturnal. He loves to watch movies and would always make me sit next to him to accompany him and the very next day I had to get up early before my mother-in-law, to make mine and my husband’s lunch. I used to sleep late and get up horrifying thinking and hoping I am not late, and just after a few years, Volla!! I was blessed with a baby girl and trust me I roam around with a sleepy cheesy potato face for the last five years.

We all have been through it and some are still going through it. My daughter is five years old now and at times I literally beg her to let me sleep for at least half an hour in the day time. I try to make her sleep but she is so anti-sleep kid and no deal works with her. I have to wait till night and just when I try to grab her, grasp her, tell stories, sing songs, play some before sleep games on the bed, she finally call it a day and sleeps peacefully and I too hug her and try to get some sleep. Just then, remember my Late night creature? Ting tong!! He comes and asks me… “chalna kuch dekhte hai, I will make you coffee and we will have some wonderful time”, now ladies tell me which wife on this planet could decline such a sweet offer. I give-in and accompany him. Now with the Amazon Prime and Netflix, we all have got varied options to watch. One after another binge watching of sitcoms and movies and yes I am not complaining. Although I have that sleepy face and sound sleep dream in mind, I still survive, still, dream and continue to miss my sleepy days.

Every Sunday, I tell my husband that today I am not going to do anything after lunch and I will be sleeping for at least three hours, only for him to discover me writing my next blog post, seeing that my husband and my daughter have a good laugh and it leaves me smiling at myself. In between all this, I do get some few hours of sleep which keeps me going and a lot of love and happiness around which automatically heals me and makes my day.

What’s your sleepy story?


Much love and gratitude



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Jeopardy Of Making It Back To The Career!

It is always a crucial story when it comes to making it back to our career path after a never-ending or long maternity break. The duration of a maternity break depends upon so many factors like support from the family members, health conditions, baby care and so many personal reasons one could have.

For someone who has been working since she graduated or post-graduated it becomes a really hard decision and heart-breaking feeling to sit at home and do nothing about their personal growth. Especially when the kid is grown up enough to eat food by self and is potty trained as well. These two being the major concern for any mother in order to make their child independent. Now when we decide to not be a wreck to our own career and look out for the best possible options to make it back to the career that we left somewhere some months or even years ago, little did we know that a really harsh world is waiting for us outside. We carry the same enthusiasm and that child-like smile with an aim to hit it back to make out something form our misery but let me tell you it is no less than a bully for us to face at times.

I am a Mental Health Awareness blogger and youtube vlogger. I deliberately decided to take this two years gap, after my work tenure of seven years, just for my daughter to turn five and get into a full day school and activity center, then beginning my hunting for the best job. We had also moved to a new city, wherein my mother-in-law refused to move-in along with us and it was all new environment for us to leave the baby unattended at a strange place. More than me, my husband was reluctant for any daycare arrangement. I had no option but to take this break and meanwhile, I followed my passion for writing and started raising my second baby, My blog!! which is doing well now. On a practical note, to serve all the means and end that too in a city like Mumbai, both husband and wife need to work for a smoother transaction. By now my baby is five years old and could convey everything to me and after preparing her for a while, I started applying for the jobs.

I came out of my cocoon after two years and went for several interviews, everywhere I was stuck at the work hours, I requested for some flexibility or work from home options but rules are rules. No job timings were getting adjusted with the timings of my daughter’s school and activity center time, but I kept trying. Finally I got a call from an Institue, for content writer profile, very well known Institute and the offer was amazing too, I could not resist, I went for the interview, I cleared first round and in my second round I was asked to demonstrate my witting skills, I did and also asked them to check my blog site, which has over 200 articles written by me, which could help them to understand my writing style,but they refused, saying that don’t have much time for all this.

Next, I was bombarded with so many technical questions which were not at all my area,I politely said I am afraid but I am not aware of it, I answered what all I knew, but after each answer I gave, there was a sarcastic smile on the interviewer’s face and he made fun of my blog saying that many mothers do it because it’s a thing of convenience doing from home, but you don’t even know how to promote your own blog ,then what is the use? I answered him, we write to express and connect with so many women who feel or go through the same situations in their life and that is sufficient for us, and many women are making their mark in blogging world due to their consistent and creative writing.

In the end, I was at my wit’s end and I asked him, Sir, did you went through my Resume before short-listing me, he said, we don’t have much time to read each and every line of each candidate resume, we called you seeing that you are a Freelance Writer. I said, you already know what I am, then why are you asking me the technical question which even you know I can’t answer and I left.

Every time we try to break the glass ceiling and we find such people in the way who try to break us. But NO, we are stopping here, neither we are giving up. Bring it on and we will make our way through all the jeopardies.

(The article also published at https://www.momspresso.com/parenting/virtual-siyahi/article/jeopardy-of-making-it-back-to-the-career?lang=0 )

Much love and gratitude