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15 Ways To Fight Stress

With the advent of technology and advancement, came competition and then this instinct of survival of the fittest, which ultimately has given boost to a never-ending rat-race, resulting in stress.

मेरा साहस मेरा सारथि

मेरा साहस मेरा सारथि पथ पे चाहे कांटे हज़ार हों तेरे वजूद को झुटलाने चाहे कितने ही लोग तैयार हो जो चल पड़ा है तू

क्या है मिथ्या

जीने का अरमान या मौत सा सुकूं उजाले की किरण या अँधेरे की चुभन है सब माटी का माटी में ही मिल जाना है किसका

Who are they?

First, they ignore you later they sneak up on you they watch you they hate you they follow you but they don’t admit they want

Wednesday Wisdom!

You can look into the mirror and find the most amazing person and if you find something wrong which doesn’t make you happy seeing yourself,

A letter to self

How I never thought about it before, I do talk to myself, but I think about words, writings, poetries and how to write more effectively

Overcome Irritation

I would like to pass on to you ten practical suggestions, I came across today in the column of Speaking Tree: 1.Believe in the Higher

Let’s be BRAVE!

No matter how mountain-high the difficulties appear to be, they are all terrible but delusions… Crush your fear and it banishes… Face your fear and