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That sinking feeling – Depression!!

“One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder”

As our human civilization is becoming a humanoid society in the wake of social media plus the Artificial intelligence boom, I believe we are all losing touch with our inner voice, our heart center.

When I take a train or even walking in the corridors, I see people with their iPods, earphones, headphones etc all plugged in, people are driving vehicles while on the phone even if that is giving them discomfort.

We all have mirror neurons right, so I feel people are just unconsciously getting stuck in doing what everyone is doing without introspecting, reflecting and knowing their inner gift. Our own silence is disturbing us maybe.

It is said that the purpose of LIFE on earth is to evolve holistically over a period of time. All our life experiences are designed in a way for our personal evolution & growth. Notice how younger generations are getting sharper & smarter.

The phenomenon of age compression these days.On this note, I would like to share an inspirational story of my own younger brother who did not only accepted himself for being how he was a few months back but also made efforts to come out of the anxiety and depressing feelings he was going through.

He managed to snap out of depression and anxiety issues and by God’s grace, he is getting better.He was struggling hard with his career choices, friends and societal norms to settle down at the specific age, start working and start earning, not everyone can be that perfect piece of the most eligible bachelor at the right age.

He kept working at it hiding it from people around him. He knew it was a lone journey and others might find it difficult to relate to it.To overcome it, He went for counseling, for healing, did yoga and meditation too, tried nootropics, sound healing, joined few Self-Help groups. He also went to a Buddhism retreat.

But the thing that really worked for him was, He accepted himself the way HE IS, and took responsibilty of himself.In our whole life, right from childhood, school, education system, career, we become a part of or the people who become a part of our lives, It all becomes a validation seeking exercise unconsciously ingrained in our personalities.

He was getting extremely dysfunctional around later last year, tired of putting up a happy face, losing all his mental energies but I am very happy that he did not Give Up.So the takeaway is to just declutter.

The one & only big LIKE anyone needs is from himself or herself. We forget the stuff that makes us happy in the process of trying to please and keep everyone around us happy. We got to evolve mindfully along with developing reservoirs of empathy, gratitude, compassion, patience & self-love.

One can only act from a place of love when he is operating from a place of Joy within.I hope and keep my faith that we all collectively move towards building a mindful, socially conscious community of changemakers & along with eco-conscious lifestyle.

Every element of nature is deeply connected with us, we are dependent on it for our life.He has this very beautiful wish that he says, He imagines a world where the only currency for exchange is help, care, compassion, empathy, love & thoughtfulness.

He wishes everyone love & light and all the goodness in the world 🙂Hope his self-help story helps someone to recognize his/her inner self and take responsibility to overcome the situation.

Today I am happy to see him happy. We have got the power to change our present situation, we just need to realize it.

Much Love and Much Gratitude




5 thoughts on “That sinking feeling – Depression!!

  1. So very true. What your brother did requires a lot of courage and deep diving which clearly indicates he has a strong will and inner strength. Highly motivating and cheerful post.

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