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Wednesday Wisdom -Life Quotes

We often judge others, we assume so many things, but we hardly see what they are hiding beneath that smile. We can never experience the pain someone else is going through, but we can make it easy for others by not being judgmental.

Wednesday wisdom

Much love and gratitude



9 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom -Life Quotes

  1. Precisely ✨ We can make it easy by not being judgemental. As a human being, people prone to do such things when they don’t even know the pain they are going through. Well said in short !✍️

      1. Yes, that part is really annoying when they grow up a normal flu story into a cornona virus story πŸ™„ even these media’s do that too.

      2. It’s more like a one side story, they are making us investigate the other side which is actually true. Nowadays hardly few media people are brave and walking on the truth but they are labelled as fake. No sensitivity, no responsibility!

      3. It’s more like a one side story, now a days we should find the other side where the truth is buried. Hardly few media people are walking on light and bringing out issues, but they were labelled fake .. no responsibility, no sensitivity!

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