WordPress.org OR WordPress.com

Hello everyone!

As many of you know by now, that I am trying to impart what all I have learned in my blogging journey to the beginners who want to create their blog but are absolutely clueless about blogging.

The aim is simple, to help, I know how I struggled to understand even basics of blogging, I kept digging and digging and I am still learning, so why not share it with others, while doing so I am learning it twice.

Today I am trying to talk about WordPress.org and WordPress.com. The difference, the pros, and cons and the usage of both the platforms so that one can decide if they want to start as a self-hosted blogger or go with the free blog in the beginning.

Please let me know if have missed out anything important or you want me to elaborate any point I have mentioned in the video.

Thank you so much for encouraging me to move ahead with this idea.

Much love and gratitude



16 thoughts on “WordPress.org OR WordPress.com”

  1. Great insight Priyanka…
    When I started my blog I was mostly confused about this .com and .org…
    I have anyway kept it .com

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