Virtual Siyahi

Happy Holi 2019!

Sending colorful and beautiful wishes to all my fellow bloggers on this auspicious day of Holi festival. Spread the colors of love and Peace. Happy

Just a surname!

Dear Mother-in-law, I was married with whole customs and rituals to your son. I too had a family like yours. I too had a loving

Being Feminazi

When we talk about equality and equal opportunities, women still struggle hard to keep up with their career, twice in their life, once when they

Why you need Courage?

Being courageous does not mean you are not afraid of anything, it simply means you won’t let fear to stop you from moving ahead in

Merry Christmas!!

“We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas time.” ―Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas has been a very

India of my dreams!

I dream for a clean and responsible India. India is incredibly beautiful, known for its rich culture and tradition. I wish to see a better India with better facilities and opportunities.

90’s rebel

Statutory Warning: Read it if you grew up in 90’s, so that you can enjoy the nostalgic ride you are going to have right now

Do not Stare!!

Don’t stare, we are just breastfeeding our baby! A major shout out by the Grihalakshmi March Issue , which spoke about the importance of breastfeeding,

Politically Incorrect!!

  I was never in my life interested in the much talked about topic– POLITICS!! I could hardly understand the point of indulging myself in

Weaves of India!!

The threads of each state speak volume about their cultural heritage. Handlooms are an important craft product and comprise the largest cottage industry of the

Saat Janam Edited!!

  We hear this every time, saat Janmo ka bandhan, saat janmo ka sath..One marriage locks you with your partner for next seven lives…Saat Vachan