3/7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Habit 3 –¬†Put First Things First

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a self-improvement book, which emphasizes our perceptions about everything around us and how it affects a situation, a person, and how we must be open to change them.

A Brief Summary:

It starts with a very interesting exercise which helps you evaluate yourself. Habit 3 is a personal fruit and a practical fulfillment of Habits 1 and 2.

In habit 3 we deal with many of the questions addressed in the field of life and time management. Organize and execute around priorities. That phrase represents the evolution of three generations of time management theory, and how to best do it is the focus of a wide variety of approaches and materials.

It talks about Quadrants and how we experience that we cannot move to another quadrants ignoring important activities of other quadrants. To make each quadrant work for you , you have to work on each of them proactively.

You will understand what it takes to say NO if you don’t have a bigger yes to replace it. It is only when you have the self-awareness to examine your program and the imagination to create a new principle-centered program for you, then you can confidently say no to things and people.

Key Lessons:

1.) Organising work/goals/tasks.

2.) Time management

3.) Commit yourself and setup a regular time to finish your tasks.

I will share the next effective habit soon.

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

My First Poetry Book- Ardhaviram

Hi everyone,

How are you all? No matter where I go, what I do, but this blog holds a very very special place for me, so here I am happily sharing my little achievement which I was postponing for a long time.

I was away from my blogs for a while as I was busy reshuffling my priority list and decluttering things that’s doesn’t spark any joy in my life.

In this process, I prioritized a long due wish I wanted to be fulfilled, of course only I could have done it for myself ūüôā

I have been writing a lot from the past few years, but poetries made a special place in my life, it filled that vacuum created by all the external factors, it helped me heal.

With all your love and support, I decided to take yet another plunge and here I present to you all my first ever Hindi Poetry Book “Ardhaviram” published via¬†Notion Press Publishing¬†and is live now.

It will be soon available at Amazon and Flipkart too.

As a promotional deal, I am offering a 21% discount on the first few purchases of my book.

Apply this Coupon Code “GOFORIT” when you purchase the book and yes it’s a Paperback¬†ūüôā

I would love to hear from you all! Ab ye Kitaab aap sab ke hawale ūüôā


Thank you so much!

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

Surya Namaskar– Sacred & Powerful!!

Yoga is a very old practice that originated in India over 5000 years ago , It’s a divine invention for the one to connect with self, both physically and spiritually.

It is the most valued Indian Heritage and treasured for ages. Yoga is performed using various breathing techniques, exercises in the form of yoga mudras, pranayamas, and meditation. The main aim of Yoga is to create Santulan for your body in connection with your mind, soul, and all the energies around you with the help of various asanas.

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is one such form of asana consisting of twelve poses, one after another helping in balance your body and soul.

A human body should not forget its origin, that it is just a part of the earth and its contact with the earth is the most prominent reconnection method for its physical presence. This is the reason we feel best when we are surrounded by nature and indulge ourselves in some outdoor activities.

Yoga is one of the medium to keep you connected with self, and Surya Namaskar literally means organizing the solar energies within you, based on the simple logic that all the life on this earth is Solar- powered. The sun is the life source of our planet, in whatever activity we do.

Sun Salutation is the process of balancing the inner energies which produce an innate physical and psychological equilibrium that can be an enormous asset in one’s daily life. One can make a lot of difference in his life by including Surya Namaskar Yoga in their daily routine and syncing the body‚Äôs cycle with the solar cycle, helping you to turn out to be a better version of yourself.

It takes only a few  minutes of your morning routine to adjusted. Here is the step by step, guiding video of the Surya Namskar, Initially it might seem difficult to understand the 12 poses in a flow but trust me once you start doing it you will not stop, it is suggested to start with fewer cycles and then move on to as many cycles you can one perform.

The Surya Namaskar is essentially building a dimension within you where your physical bodily cycles are in sync with the sun’s cycles, which run about twelve years. It is not by accident but by intent that it has been structured with twelve poses of asanas, Our physical body is a fantastic stepping stone for higher possibilities, but for most people, it functions as a roadblock.

The compulsions of the body do not allow them to go forward. Being in sync with the solar cycle is an important part of balance and receptivity, a means of taking the body to the point where it is no longer a hurdle.

Surya Namaskar is a complete work out for the physical and spiritual system, without the need for any equipment. Life begins with the one-step of you beginning to follow practice for yourself!! It is never late and there is no tomorrow for doing the right thing for yourself, so begin today. Stay Healthy!! Stay Energized!!

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

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Source: Sadhguru