Monday Muse- Quote of the day



Invisible Wounds

Physical or Mental pain is a pain… physical wounds are visible and curable mental wounds are invisible and unendurable just because you carry it well

Day 12- Meditation, Mental Health & Madness

We have no idea if we will see normal life for coming few months, no idea if this lockdown will help release the fear in people’s mind, with absolutely no idea if after ten days we would be able to buy full groceries, go out for work and do basic stuff like before. 

Day 11 – Task For The Day

Minimalism and decluttering could be your path to salvation. Decluttering can have a life-changing impact on you and while we indulge in mental cleansing through


A classic damage it might turn trapped within time loop it gets churn and churn A time ago forever and a hope beyond any divine

Broken and Fixed

It’s empty now the place which belonged to you it’s hollow and shallow it created a deep void and vaccum which nothing could fill I

Day 4- Types of Meditation

Types of meditation and its importance. Meditation could help you heal and act as a part of therapeutic process leading to spiritual growth and development.

नीली सियाही

ज़िन्दगी मानों किसी मुफ़लिस की क़बा हो जैसे जिए जा रहे है किसी की मनकही बद्दुआ जैसे इस एक उम्र में न जाने कितनी ज़िंदगानी

Happy Holi!

Sending colorful and beautiful wishes to all my fellow bloggers on this auspicious day of Holi festival. Spread the colors of love and Peace. Happy