Mental Health Awareness – Video


Mental illness is a condition that causes disturbances in thinking, behavior or emotions, which make it very difficult to cope with the ordinary demands of life. Results are such that the person suffers a lot in isolation which many times leads to severe illness.

If you find someone around you dealing with stress, anxiety or any depressing feeling please try to listen to them and accept their situation. It is not that hard to do:)

Be there, be present!


Much love and gratitude



Five things you should stop doing right now

For all the things you have been doing to yourself, I request you to cut down on below mentioned FIVE things right now, make it a habit, include it in your practice and slowly you will get a hold of it in your life. Mental Health matters and let’s start by taking care of ourselves.

Overthinking: A problem is not a problem, our attitude towards the problem makes it bigger. We keep on thinking a lot, we keep on troubling our little walnut inside, our brain, and it becomes so clouded so stuffed that we leave no space for anything new to enter inside us. Overthinking only multiplies a problem, we start loving that space, we start liking being there but it will only entrap us deeper.

Sitting on an idea:  As Swami Vivekananda right quoted, Take up one idea, make that one idea your life, think of it, dream it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles and v=every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone, this is the way to success. We all get ideas, we all have something unique in us, and when you get an idea just don’t sit on it, get up and get going. Work on that idea, channelize all your energy and thoughts n focusing on that idea which will ultimately give you something in return.

Unhealthy eating habits:  Here I am not talking about junk food or canned food, but even our eating cycles have changed and influenced. no fixed time, no proper diet, we eat as and when we feel and we just stuff ourselves with the delicious food over the table even when we are not much hungry. Treat your body with the right amount of food.

No physical exercise: We put our brains at work 24/7, we stress ourselves so much with work pressure, family responsibilities and outer influences that we ignore to listen to our own body. Our sugar levels fluctuate, Blood pressure fluctuates, cholesterol, joint pains, back pains, headache being the most common health concerns these days even in the early ’30s..why do you think it happens? No, it not always hereditary, it is also because of our sheer negligence. Where is our body, our health on our priority list?

Toxic relationships: Be it your family member, your friend or anyone, if that person’s presence does not spark joy in your life then it is the time to declutter. Eliminate all the toxic relationships, do not carry the burden of fulfilling every duty and pleasing everyone you meet. It is humanly not possible. If you want to walk out from any relationship do it now, if you feel uncomfortable in any one’s presence, tell them now, have the courage to withstand for the things you believe and stand for yourself.

 I have realized the importance of my health only when I faced a critical illness and the treatment lasted for a year. I realized the importance of relationships when I was in my lowest lows and highest highs. But I only saw my friends and relative’s statistics dropping down, it is always a good idea to take a new step, to start fresh as we get a new opportunity every day, which will only lead to a better tomorrow for us.

Take charge of your life.


Image courtesy: SwarnimArt (itsahappyworld)


What are dreams made of?

some recurring visions

some unspoken truths

some unuttered promises

some muted prominence

few unturned pages of love and affection

few unexpressed rages of past and imperfections

little light of hope in the doomed alley of darkness

brittle pain deep enough but harmless

name one desire to achieve

fame one wish to rejoice and live

diving in this deep ocean of contentment

I try to sleep daily and dream a dream with my open eyes


Much love and gratitude