Walk Alone

When having no one by your side…Walk Alone

When you see dreams with open eyes…Walk Alone

When you have a vision of a beautiful life…Walk Alone

When no one understands, no one supports… Walk Alone

When you feel you are right…Walk Alone

When no one takes you on their stride… Walk Alone

When no one believes in you…Walk Alone

When you feel dejected..Walk Alone

When the howling wind turns your life upside down…Walk Alone

When you struggle to hold yourself…Walk Alone

When you feel your lowest lows…Walk Alone

Be not afraid… to Walk Alone…Never fear… to Walk Alone…

Complete your journey of life. If you find someone genuine on the way, then stick to them or else WALK ALONE.

Writing this poetry reminds me of a Bengali patriotic song written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1905..Below is the link for the same.

Much Love and Gratitude



International Women’s Day – Balance for better

The International Women’s Day 2019 campaign theme of #BalanceforBetter is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world. We, women, have come a long way and yet there is a lot to overcome. How can we come together and help in making the difference?

Let’s begin by building a gender-balanced world

Gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive. It is not only a women’s issue. For the betterment of the national economy as a whole, every idea and every perspective needs to be welcomed with open arms. It only helps to serve in a diverse range.

Let’s come together

Let us take responsibility and actions collectively for striking a gender-balanced world and think about what measures we can take to truly make a positive difference for women everywhere.

Virtual Siyahi

Better the Balance. Better the world.


Let us make it extra special by spreading awareness on instilled women issues, which creates hurdles in a women’s life personally and professionally:

*Deep routed taboos/stigmas related to Menstruation and being a girl

*Troubling in-laws/peers

*Uneven Employment opportunities

*Unsafe/Rape Culture

*Male- Dominance

Be the voice you want to hear for yourself! Rise & Shine!

#IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter

Much love and gratitude





About to give up?

I don’t want to, but I am about to give up…

I am holding on, but I am about to give up…

I am trying hard, but I am about to give up…

I have tried and tested everything and when nothing worked, I am about to give up…

I have fallen a thousand times, got up 1001, but now I am about to give up…

For the unspoken words, spoken lies, I am about to give up…

For my determination and conviction I held till now, but now I am about to give up…

For the life I dreamed of, for the love I longed, I am done and now I am about to give up…

We all go through such emotions in our daily lives, and there comes a MOMENT when we feel that ENOUGH, I don’t want to hold on anymore and I want to give up. That is the moment which will decide your destiny, which will decide your fate, if you choose to back out then you might lose out the potential results, all the things you have ever dreamt for yourself and if we decide to still stay back, struggle or hustle a little more we might just win the game. Possible? Right?

The decision of quitting or going with the flow is entirely based on the personal discretion but I feel when we are so much convicted and firm on our ideologies and if we have come so far then we should give the best until the situation bow down and not the vice versa.

Only we have the power to change our present situation.

Only we have the power to convert all our CAN’Ts into CANs and see ourself conquering our fears with utmost beauty.

Take a call, Take charge of your life, let nothing pull you down. Rise and Shine!

Much love and gratitude