Virtual Siyahi


जब कदम साथ नहीं देते और ज़ेहन दम तोड़ने लगता है मन से हारने लग जाती हु और तन साथ छोड़ने लगता है उस वक़्त

प्रकृति और जीवन

प्रकृति का अध्ययन, प्रकृति से प्रेम , प्रकृति के करीब रहना यह आपको कभी भी विफल नहीं करेगा. प्रकृति में गहराई से देखो, और फिर आप सब कुछ बेहतर समझ जायेंगें।

Bollywood and Mental Stress

Bollywood is the most psychologically demanding career option. The celebrity status and success might be a oxymoronic situation everyone wants to keep intact forever and in order to do so, face a lot of Mental Turbulance.

The HERO of my life!

This short story is entirely dedicated to my father, we rarely express our love and respect for our father through poetries and write-ups, so through


Shikva bhi tumse hai shikayat bhi tumse hai
dard bhi tum ho aur marham bhi tum ho…

How to Handle Trolls?

Have you ever been trolled? How do one handle negative and soul crushing feedback? Constructive feedback has always something to offer as a point of

प्रति – योगिनी

यह पल एक जीवन शाला है इसके तृण तृण में सार समाया है कुछ मिथ्या है तो कुछ सत्य कुछ मिलावट है तो कही थोड़ी

Missing pieces

one day one moment any second of your life could be that moment in which either you take pride or you are taken for a

Who are they?

First, they ignore you later they sneak up on you they watch you they hate you they follow you but they don’t admit they want

Women Are Roses

A masterpiece by ten authors combining like rose petals and forming a complete flower. A complete rose that is already to bloom and spread its fragrance to inspire everyone who reads this book.

Sunshine Blogger Award #4

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by a very sweet and inspiring blogger Shruti Mehta.  Thank you so much, Shruti. This is my fourth

Dead end

A road to apocalypse a sound of unshuttering waves a rusted closed door in the middle of high stone walls like a dark deep well


सोचा की यह देहलीज़ लाँघ दू, की अब और सहा नहीं जाता.. कितना भी सोच लू पर अब और कुछ कहा नहीं जाता.. आज अपने

Beyond ME

For all the steps I take in order for me to make a life of my dream for that lasting gleam for the enormous space


Wrapped in a shield of time here lies my story of whittling innocence with all the ups and downs and unhealthy incidence pleasing people, giving

A letter to self

How I never thought about it before, I do talk to myself, but I think about words, writings, poetries and how to write more effectively

Ten things about me

I always love to have a personal connection with my fellow bloggers. I do write a lot and I deliberately take time and visit my