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A classic damage

it might turn

trapped within time loop

it gets churn and churn

A time ago forever and

a hope beyond any divine prayer

soaking in and out of positivity

living in and out of life’s vicinity

a path uncovered

a life un-restored

A face unknown and untoned

few spirit-lifting words

few aching desires

some unfelt emotions

and a lot to acquire

picking up broken pieces

in every steep turn

holding myself

folding myself

hounded with the shallow past

I was searching around

then only inside I found

a missing piece of my faith in me

I adjoined the piece where it belonged to

I plugged in some unplugged chords

it made a flow of energy

some emotions uncalled

I had the desire

I have faith

I am upbound

lost but found

firmly intact and grounded

negativity surrounded but unwounded.

— Priyanka


Tumhe humsafar kahu ya humkadam

tum har pal saaye ke tarah saath jo rehte ho…

Tumhe jeevan sathi kahu ya saarthi kahu

tum har kadam pe mera sath kuch yu dete ho…

Dil ki dhadkan ki tarah tu paas rehta hai

tere na hone pe bhi tera ehsas rehta hai…

Itna kareeb koi kaise ho jata hai

hairaa hoti hu aksar ye sochkar…

Jeevan sangini se achi dost ka safar

yuhi nahi tay kiya akele chalkar…

Kuch gehre dost hai hum aaj aise

ki naubat aisi hai ki naranzgi jataye to kaise…

Shikva bhi tumse hai shikayat bhi tumse hai

dard bhi tum ho aur marham bhi tum ho…

Kare to kya kare meri mohabbat ka asar bhi tum ho



Real or a Fake

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So you want to see if I am genuine or a fake

not for you to decide anyway

even if I am a fake who are you to judge me, for god sake?

You are an ignorant butcher

trying to chop my spirits in bits and rupture

no no you won’t succeed I will not allow you to

You can try all your strength and go to an extreme length

Still, I will stand straight, you will find me here

punching back every time you try to hit me.

You can try, but you cannot break my spirit

I am a tough head

seeking the good in every bad

turning scars into stars

I believe in love and not the wars

Live with me or leave me

I am too much to handle

so next time you doubt my integrity

don’t forget my brevity

and I would suggest you back off before you lose your dignity.

Much love and Gratitude