Unsubscribe to Negativity!


We often crib and complain about few people in our lives who are just there because they just cannot be ignored or neglected, some relations are being pleased just for the sake of it, some friendships are cherished half-heartedly, how does it help us to grow?

In our life there are many people who come and go, some are permanent, some temporary, some people create a lasting bond some do not, some create a healthy and positive environment in our life whereas some just adds negativity to our life by simply putting us down, by criticizing us, by mistreating us, why do we need such people around us or rather why do we let any such people just invade in our personal space..


The most important thing for us is to do some Mental Housecleaning, it is like, you decide what you need and what you don’t need and then start filtering out the stuff from your mind, retain the ones which are very dear and near ones and discontinue using the less useful ones..it is difficult and time-consuming thing to do this activity but once you are done with it, you are very clear about whom you want to stay with, in your life, it is you who decides who stays with you and the change it brings , reflects in your attitude and behaviour.

So my friends unsubscribe to the negativity around you in any form and subscribe to the positive people, who brings out the best in you, life is too short and we have got to do so many things, we need lots of positive energy, right?

Stay Positive. Stay Free!!









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