10 Quotes To Lift Your Mood!!

Here I present a compilation of my all-time favorite quotes which I firmly believe in, these are my life theme quotes which help me lift myself whenever I feel low in life, whenever I need some self-motivation and whenever I just want to see life from a different perspective!!

# When life gets blurry, adjust your focus!!

We focus only on one thing and make it our everything, and when we do not get reciprocated we feel disappointed, adjust your vision, and focus on something else.

#Walk away from anything & everything which brings you nothing but drama!

Allow yourself a little bit of dignity to walk away from anywhere which is costing your mental peace.

#Do not give the key to your happiness in other’s hands.

Grab that remote control of your happiness in your hands, nobody should be allowed to touch it, amend it, or break it. It is entirely yours.

#If you can dream it, you can definitely do it.

Dreams are the hope of life, It keeps us alive, and if you have dreamt of something you should definitely work on it as you already took the first step.

#One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you ever wanted. DO it NOW.

Throughout your life, you kept on piling up your wishes, desires, hobbies just for someday, but there is no other day than today, so go for it!

#The best way to escape fear is to go through it!!

Fear has two meanings, either forget everything and run or face everything and rise, the choice is yours.

#We are free to make any choice in our life but we are not free from the consequences of the choices we make.

We make so many choices in order to make things work for us, the fact is not all of our choices will work out the way we expected and we should be ready to face it with a brave heart.

#All my life I was asked not to do many things, somehow DO is all I could hear.

This is my personal favorite, as I love to take challenges and test my limits when it comes to my personal growth.

#I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

This is the most important point to be noted,  no matter how good you do to others, what matter is how you make them feel about themselves, there is a very thin line in between think over it.

#Free yourself from the burden of what other people think of you.

All our life we forego so many things just thinking about what others will think, how they will react, but do they really think? Try doing one thing which you were always afraid of doing just because of the Log Kya Kahenge Syndrome and free yourself.

Sometimes it is OK not to be OK, you are free to feel anything even if it is a negative feeling, what is important is to overcome it, to rise up every time you fall and to give it back to the world. You are capable of so many things which even you do not know because you never pushed yourself beyond your limit, push yourself, make it work, try-hard, and fly high!!



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