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Three things I have learned in two years of Blogging

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Blogging gives you wings and trust me when I say this 🙂

I have been blogging over two years and today I will be sharing a little bit of my trials and errors, and some learnings from my Blogging journey.

Blogging has given me not only a career option but a voice to inform, inspire and connect with amazing people from every corner of the world.

When I created my blog over two years ago, little did I knew that it holds an enromous potential to groom yourself, polish yourself as a writer, invoke reading habits, connect with people worldwide and also has money making potential.

Yes we can earn through Blogging, I belive this today because I see people around me earning through blogging through various means like Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Post and also Content Writing.

Every blogger has a different story about how they started, what was the inspiration, how they motivate themselves to write daily and above all how they didn’t give up on blogging.

Bloggers are not just bloggers anymore. Many of them have become Motivational coaches, Business strategists, Published Authors, Entreprenerus and Digital coaches just by being consistent.


My Story of Blogging

For initial one year I was very very inconsistent and was hesitant to share my content on Social Media platforms.

It was only one year back I started writing religiously. I made a commitment to write daily and adopted a disciplined way of going about it.

Suddenly blogging was not just a void filling thing for me, infact it became THE THING for me. The more I created a blog post,the more I wanted to write and share my voice with the world.

It helped me find a purpose, I learned basics of SEO, learned about sharing on various Social Media platforms and working on building quality content.

Even though I am still a new blogger because I have a long way to go till the day I can call myself an established blogger and guide anyone from scratch to build a blog.

But I surely have my story to tell which could help new bloggers to learn and avoid few practises. So how Blogging opens the door to a career? Here are my three cents from my expereince:

Blogging gave me an my identity

Honestly I don’t leverage the term Mom Blogger because it gives me feeling that people think blogging is something a woman gets into after become a mom and they are not very serious about it.

Although Blogging has become a second choice of career for many mothers around the world but any woman who pens down her experiences, learning and passion is definetly serious about it.

It is just that blogging is still a foreign land for many, maximum number of people who blog they just write and share and yes with the advent of hard core publicity by the digital gurus now people know that we can earn from blogging. But we are still clueless on “how” part.

We can earn from blogging but not right after creating the blog. A lot of dedication, consistency and a little amount of investment in the terms of buying the domain, server space is needed.

Then this e-ball is in our court to take it ahead or leave it there. In the end unless and untill our blog have visitors (organic and only organic) and viewership or readership our boat won’t sail through this deep and wide ocean.

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Blogging taught me Patience

When in my first year of blogging I felt left out and decided to be more consistent, trust me that was the time I started growing, because I was open to learn.

I hardly had 4k stats last year, today I have 33k blog stats. Which is obviously not that great to toot my own trumpet. But I could exactly gauge what was working and what was not. Here is what worked for me:

  1. Writing regularly, atleast five posts in a week
  2. Providing informative and quality content, with proper structured layout.
  3. Expressing gratitude and being grateful for every reader and follower.

It is like what you sow is what you reap. You have put a plant in your living room just because you like it, you stare at it daily and feel bad when you don’t see it grow. But did you water it daily? Did your nurture it daily?

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Do not follow the Rat-race

She posted, he posted, I posted too. Trust me Blogging world is full of competition because it is an open field. A public place.

Refrain from following the rat-race. Do not stress on Social Media followers and fans because they don’t stick by.

Post what you like, what you love to do, promote your work but don’t fall for it.

Have you recently read the news about the Instagram celebs with highest fake followers?

Wherein it states that Bollywood actors Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are among the 10 celebrities who have maximum numbers of fake followers or “bots” on Instagram.

We go aww-struck by the numbers, we want to flaunt the followers because this has become a culture.

I see so many people with very less following and a large chunk of the followers. I can consider the ratio for the celebrities, entrpreneurs or some exceptional personalities.

But what about the others, they too fall prey for this whole Influencer Culture. Showing off that they have got so many followers and they are following only few.

You know what they do, they unfollow you after sometime, they filter out, they prioritize their followers. Why do we need to serve them?

I unfollow everyone who does this to me, I return the favour sincerely.

Just be present on every platform to gain visibility to promote your stuff, be regular, connect with your followers but never run after followers.

When you will create amazing content people will search you on Google Serach Engine and follow you automatically.

Work on yourself, success has got no shortcuts. What is the use of the increased numbers when they don’t even respond to your posts.

Instead channelize your energy towards building your profile, good content and engage with your genuine readers which you will find only on your blog.


Final Words

  • Identify your niche and try sticking to it.
  • Interact with your readers.
  • Read other blogs as well, connect with amazing bloggers you never knew existed.
  • Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keywords, Image attributes.
  • Write descriptive and informative posts. (atelast 1000 words)
  • Write for google and not for Facebook or Intagrammers.
  • Write beacuse you love to write and you have a passion to write.
  • Read books, it helps to improve writing skills.
  • Seek help with a professional if you ever get stuck, do not experiment with your blog.
  • Build your content, your niche, your blog and it will build you.
  • Patience and cosistency.

Happy Blogging 🙂

Much love and gratitude



Five reasons WHY you should read books

It a National Book Lover’s Day 2019.

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Yay!! I don’t know but today I feel so excited because I love BOOKS and it’s the National Book Lover’s Day today. I love to read them and I feel books are really your best friends.

Being an avid reader and an amateur writer I very much understand the value of each and every book and the effort it takes for a writer to pen down his/her first draft and have the courage to publish it.

The amount of dedication required to write a classic book is immeasurable. No matter how successfull a writer is today, they started as amateurs some day and only because of their dedication, knowledge and the incessant hunger of learning and exploring made them successful.

Well, if you are still wondering why should one read a book, what it has to offer then let me tell me you one, two, three no exaclty five reasons why you should read books daily.

Five reasons why you must read books

Books help you explore

There are thousands and lakhs of best selling books around the world which could just make your day if you simply turn few pages of the book and read it mindfuly.

Reading improves connectivity to the brain, you think, you imagine and you reason the logics behind the writing and the thought process of the writer.

You try to connect with the story line, characters and wait for the ending with excitement.

Reading is no less than a form of mental exercise.

Books could be a great company

“We read to know we’re not alone” -William Nicholson

I love to read books and there are times when I fail to read them regularly. But the best part is that I carry a book in my handbag whenever I am travelling and trust me I enjoy Train journeys so that I get more time to finish the book.

It can also make your journey less boring. It will never judge you when you don’t read them or leave you in between may be that’s the reason books are also called as the best friends of the human beings.

Books helps to reduce stress

Trust me when I say this. I know you might think that when a person is already stressed and not in mood of doing anything then why would that person pick up a book and read it.

That’s what exactly you have to do. Pick up a book and start reading it, start with small portions, 2-3 pages,gradually increase the number of pages.

Choose the genre of your interest right from fiction, non-fiction, thriller, suspense, horror, romance, motivation, spiritual etc. etc. There might be something which will definetely interest you.

Always keep a small stock of books from your interest area. Reading a book will make you forget your tensions as you enter the new world of the writer of the book. It is no less than a mini vacation for the mind.

You wander, you get lost and come back with the lessons, learnings or getting entertained.

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Books have the power to inspire you

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”  ― George R.R. Martin

Books do have the power to inspire many lives.

Personally, I am a non-fiction fan. I get inspired by real stories of the hard-working and dedicated personalities.

I love to explore spiritual corners of the book shelf, books like Inner-engineering, You can heal your life, The Alchemist, The Magic had a very huge impact over me.

It is really surprising at the same time very commendable to think that how just a book of 200-300 pages can inspire you and change the way you percieve life. Trust me books have that effect. And that’s the reason a pen is called as the most powerful tool to inlfluence minds of the readers.

Book Reading improves your knowledge

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  ― Dr. Seuss

Books can teach you history, politics, mythology customs, cultures, economics, and much more.

Reading books from the different set of cultures  provides knowledge of those cultures and the emotional and spiritual lives of the people who live there.

Reading challenges your imagination. Your brain goes beyond the words on the page, imagining details such as appearances, emotions, and surroundings of the plot in the book.

It can also improve your vocabulary, your communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Apart from the above mentioned points, reading makes you disciplined and also a good writer.

I feel I have given enough food for thought 🙂 and I expect you all to read more.

Start with short books, read slowly.

One chapter, few pages or just 15-30 minutes a day. You will never lose interest in book reading.

Find a book buddy, shortlist few books, may be one book one month and keep a check on each other or else you can also create a Goodreads account, wherein you can read reviews of all the books and track your reading progress of a book.

Happy reading 🙂

Much love and gratitude



Five things I learned while growing up

We learn and we grow, I say this all the time to everyone I meet, to everyone I try to encourage and follow their passion. Growing up is not giving up.

Albert Einstein said that “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Hence I test my abilities for myself. I trust in my instincts and I follow my heart.

I listen to everyone, thanks to all the people around us who freely give their unsolicited advices, trying to mock us down with their flare and sometimes they manage to freak us out, but I take NONE.

I write a lot, I read and I even have my YouTube Channel where you will find me speaking a lot but when I am in public I prefer being an observant, I listen and mind my own business.

I meet many people who are good at many things and they so unconvinicingly boast about themselves and their achievements. I can never put my plate full of medals in front of everyone because I believe in being a woman of action and not words.

Here are five things I have learned in last few years which has changed my outlook, perspective and preference.

Priyanka Nair

Five things I learned while growing up

Nothing lasts forever: I think even permanent is not permanent. Things change, people change, situation change and our willingness to acceptance towards any of these elements needs to be changed time to time, only for us to live at peace.

” There is nothing permanent except change”

I had a cool group of friends but as I moved ahead in my career, my new endevours were not much appreciated or welcomed, rather were criticised and mocked up. I was too determined to let it go, my career and instead I let them go.

With the mindset that we think that people will stay forever is one of the major culprit in our life, we let anyone enter easily but when they exit, they leave a vaccum beyond repair. Once we accept this fact, things become little easy.

Health is Wealth: Most of things in our life which are available for free and in abundance are usuallly the ones we pay less heed to. Water, Air, Sunlight, Nature are few things which are prime basis of a living and a form of nurturing and we become so possesed with our mechanical life that we undervalue our core exisence and its relative connection with the very nature.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Buddha

I understood the true importance of a healthy body only after I was hard hit by a chronic illnes which broke me inside out and financially too. The burden was such that it caused me a five inch deep depression inside my soul. Imagine, I was fighting with two demons inside me,tumors and depression.

I came out well, I survived but the duration of treament taught me a great lesson, TAKE CARE of your precious body. Its not that I do not exercise or try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle but sometimes we take our health very casually and it results in huge damage.

I started valuing the nature, the greenery, each blooming flower all the more once I was well, I saw the sun, I saw the birds like I was seeing them for the first time,perhaps with a different mindset now.

Who holds your back: NO ONE!! I can say it loud and clear. There will be times when you feel all elated and overwhelmed for having such wonderful people in your life and some time in a different sitaution of your life you might find them the most awful bunch of people you chose to stay with.

“It takes nothing to join the crowd, it takes everything to stand alone”

If life is journey as they say, we will find so many people in our path. Some join us to make our path little easy and some come to block our ways and their ways of doing so could be different in differnt situation. We just have to continue to belive in ourselves and continue to walk without letting anything influence our mind.

What I learned from my experience was that too much dependency on anyone hurts. Being self-dependent is the best gift anyone could give to self. It takes efforts, it takes a little time but it works wonder when one takes charge of their complete life.

Not everyone will undersatnd your intentions, so stop explaining yourself: Now this is very important and let me tell you I learned this one in a very harsh and hard manner. Ever since I started writing, it was clear that I have chosen a different path, which not many understands and for many it doesn’t even exists.

Some presume me as a show off or full of superiorty complex while some try to mock me down for portraying myself as someone who I am not. I took it very close to my heart, so close that it caused me a terrible ache, I cried, I questioned myself but I was sure of my intentions and my hard work.

“Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.” – Paulo Coehlo

I gave myself few hours, few days and I took time to fold myself in and learnd this very great lesson and thanked the person to alert me of showing what I don’t want to be. YES, I don’t wan to stop here, I want to work more, write more and succeed more,even if it is at snails speed rate I am fine with it.

Dare someone question my intentions now. I learnd that not everyone will undersatnd what you are doing and why you are doing it. Explaining them something they don’t know even exist is like banging your head on the wall, you get hurt and they enjoy. I learned this one real hard.

You can’t keep everyone happy: Unless you are jar of nutella or a chocolate laden ice-cream, but wait I think not everyone likes them too. Jokes apart, the very basis of human nature in this pursuasion of anyting is to get appreciated or make others happy.

We start a new venture we want our friends and family members to join in. They are first one who gets the information, we celebrate our victories with them. But the problem begins when you start achieving milestones, climb few ladders and move ahead in your journey you find many of them being envious of what you become in the long run.

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu

You follow what works best for you, you have chosen something in your life which gives you a purpose to get up every morning and just because few nut heads are not happy with what you are doing will you stop doing it or will you cut lose your ties with such toxic people in your life?

This could be a very vital decison to make as I have experience that the bar graph of my friends have only come down by my each passing year starting from 2016 when I was fighting my illness.

Tough times or tough people, I guess only few things last forever. I took these few lessons in my stride and I try to learn and I try to grow daily. I have stopped explaining myself to others for what I do and why do.

I keep low key and mind my own business. Writing helps me to relive and thats what I do and get connected with a differnt world outside my purview.

Thank you all for reading me 🙂

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Much love and gratitude♥