Words & Me

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I belong here

this is between me and my words

the ink and the paper

I reside somewhere in between my pen and those bare pages

I breathe in these words

I write to express

I am sorry if you are not impressed

I am creating my own space

within my pace

I am playing with my own challenges

I am not playing a game,I am the game

I have given a rhyme to my life

remember I said once

I want to be known as more than a mother, daughter and a wife?

This is between me and my dreams

stay away if you don’t like my ways

I have shed all the inhibitions

and here I leave my pen to flow

freely, exploring every corner

to feel pain, love, dismay, fear

I will not quit

no ma’am, not in this life

if you have decided to pull me down

I promise everytime I will make you frown

I will rise with my own ashes

Once, twice, thrice

one day you will give up

but I won’t.

Much Love and Gratitude



38 thoughts on “Words & Me

  1. i cant express in words how much deeply i can relate with it, rather every writer and poet can relate deeply, this one is superb.Loved the entire write up but specially loved…”i write to express”, “i am sorry if you are jot impressed”


  2. I think I want to write this for a long time. I totally relate with the post dear! I also love framing words, sharing thoughts and also feel regretted several times If I am not justifying. Superbly written thoughts! I can feel the pain are given by those so-called well-wishers.


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