If Sadness Had Gravity

I was high on spirits

had it all sorted out

I hardly had any confusion

or any doubt

But one fine day, sadness crept in

I tried pushing it away

like million times

it sat beside me

I felt lost

lost all the hopes

I knew life has to go on

Hello, said sadness

I felt numb and was about to succumb

I felt dark

but I had to do it right

deeply moved inside, I sighed

The hope was gone

but I must go on

I said to myself

and I took sadness in my stride

I accepted it with arms open wide

now we stay together

if sadness had gravity

It would have pulled me apart

I would have been broken and parched

but it stayed

it helped me shed the weight

I was carrying on my mind

for others who have turned blind

I found my gravity in the brevity

If sadness had gravity

it would have stayed forever…

Love, Priyanka

14 thoughts on “If Sadness Had Gravity

  1. A reason for sadness to enter your life and teaching so much about everything, the need to accept our emotions. Beautifully said, Priyanka.


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