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I hope you all are doing fine and staying safe. It rained heavily today and I have been feeling very lazy to write something. But yes, I wanted to connect with you all and came up with a creatively lazy idea of sharing my blogposts from another host 🙂 Oh Snap! It didn’t rhyme so well though 🙂

As many of you know that I am more active on my professional blog Sanity Daily these days. Where I write blogs about stress management, managing relationships, and building our life by being more proactive and mindful.

So on a lazy Wednesday night, with a cup of chamomile tea, I am here sharing some posts from Sanity Daily. I will try being this lazy often 😉 Do not forget to pay a visit and leave me some feedback, It will help 🙂

This week’s published post;

25 Self-Help Books You Must Read in 2020

I have always been an avid reader and I love to explore non-fiction genre. The day I started reading self-help corner, I stopped reading other books, I am in the endless search of meaningful books, and these books listed below, have made some concrete influence on me. 

Personally, this year 2020 has given me some brutal reality check and also given a chance to reinvent myself and these books have helped me shape certain ideologies. So here is a list of 25 self-help books you must read in 2020.

25 Books You Should Not Miss

10 Highly Inspiring Books Every Woman Should Read

How to beat that imposter syndrome? How to channelize your energy in the right direction? How to feel liberated while being alone? So many questions, ONE ANSWER. Lady, pick up a book from the stack of these awesome bunch of books every woman should read to feel inspired, motivated, and encouraged to take charge of her life.

10 Books Every Woman Should Read

51 Quotes to Overcome Stress and Feel Inspired

Here is a collection of 51 such awesome quotes that will help you feel inspired and reduce your stress and worry. As these are quoted by highly effective people and eminent personalities, who made a difference in their lives and changed their world with their unique power of thoughts.

Quotes to Overcome Stress and Feel Inspired

And I finished my cup of tea. Goodnight fellow bloggers and readers!

Love and light

Priyanka Nair

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