Corona Diary -Indore

Do your part, in whatever way possible, just don’t be insensitive and completely ignorant. The ones who are still visiting exotic places, enjoying their vacations, I am sure they must be taking all the precautions but please refrain from flaunting the glimpses of your privileged life on the social media platforms. You can post it as #latepost afterward, you won’t miss out on anything.

I hear heart-wrenching death news daily, someone’s father, someone’s mother, friend, sister, a known acquaintance, with each news, my heart skips a beat and makes me wonder, where all this is heading to? Indore is under partial lockdown, ‘corona curfew’ since 12th April and it has been now extended further to 26th April.

My brother was tested positive 10 days back. Symptoms: fever, fatigue, and breathing problem. He had 40 % lung severity, low oxygen saturation, and needed immediate hospitalization. I took him to the hospital for a CT scan. When his reports came, the doctor asked me to get him admitted ASAP as his condition was not so good.

I was with him, crying, holding him, moving from one counter to another in the hospital asking what to do next, also protecting myself from touching any surface, wearing a double mask on my face. The hospital was full of Corona patients, I was standing amid at least 20 positive patients. And for the first time, I felt SCARED.

I called up my cousin who is a doctor, only because of his help, we could get a bed for my brother. I will be forever indebted to him for his timely help.After 5 days, my brother was discharged and he is now at home and stable. I can’t express how I felt that day when I admitted him to the hospital and I had to leave because it was the COVID ward. I felt like I am leaving a part of myself there and was dead scared of not finding it back. It was horrible and too scary.

Now when he is at home, I look at him from distance and thank the almighty for being by his side and protecting him. Meanwhile, I met with an accident while coming back from the hospital, developed a severe tooth infection, and can’t visit a doctor till our quarantine period gets over.Therefore, when people say that corona vorona kuch nahi hai, hum to puri care karte hai, hum to precautions lete hai and all… I would like to tell them my brother works from home, his room is upstairs and he comes into the dining area only to have food and sit with us for a few minutes, he hardly goes anywhere, he is too reserved. We kept wondering, isko kaise ho sakta hai? But then when his oxygen started falling down and he could not even move his body, we were in a state of panic for a while.

People usually start analyzing when they hear new incidents around them, kaise, kyu, laparawahi ki hogi, thanda khaya hoga, kahi bahar gae hoge.. and the assumptions list is endless here…this only increases the tension and stress in the family members. If you really want to call and talk, just ask if they need some help and leave all the talks for the later part. The quarantine period is as it is difficult for any family.

I am not sharing this to gain sympathy or attention, but I want people to understand the aftermath of the corona. Please do not take it lightly. Please wear masks. Please stay at home. Please maintain distance. Get yourself tested immediately, if you see any symptoms, do not delay.

Besides staying safe, please help each other, check on your friends and family. Give them moral support. I pray for all of you. If anyone needs to talk or share something please email me at safe. Thank you!

Priyanka Joshi

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