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Blogchatter Ebook Carnival is Here

So are you the one having a lot of thoughts in your mind and you have been piling up your diary, journal, or notepad with like thousands of words?

Do you want to take that step, you have been hesitant for a while? Now is the time, as Blogchatter ebook carnival is here 🙂  

Every year Blogchatter organizes A to Z writing challenge, it’s a month-long challenge wherein you write posts for each day (excluding Sunday) 26 posts in a month, Yeah with 26 alphabets in the corresponding sequence.

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At the end of the challenge you are ready with 26 blog post, which can be converted into an eBook.. even if you have not participated in the Blogchatter challenge and have been writing a consistent blog post, pick up your 26 best posts and convert them into an ebook. It could be a collection of short stories, poetries, non-fiction, fitness, yoga or even parenting ebook.

I have published my first ebook “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You”last year with Blogchatter A2Z challenge and the response was overwhelming. It not only boosted my confidence but also helped me explore the self-publishing way.

I had successfully completed the writing challenge last year and this year I am joining the Blogchatter Ebook carnival as a mentor and will be sharing the space with other mind-blowing bloggers and authors, to help budding authors.

They say the best day is today and the best time is now, and time is all we have during this lockdown period. So wear your fancy pajamas, grab a corner, make yourself a cuppa coffee/tea and type..type..type..that first manuscript of your ebook.

For the ones who have published an ebook before, this is the golden opportunity to enhance your writing and presentation skills.

Who can publish the ebook?

It is open to all. If you are a content writer, a blogger, or simply a pen freak who has a flair to write and wants to get published and reach a wider audience, this is the best way to try it out.

How to publish an ebook?

At the Blogchatter ebook carnival, there is a team of mentors, so we guide you through the process. Obviously, there are certain rules and regulations to be followed.

When you sign up for the Blogchatter ebook carnival you will also have to register as a reviewer for the Blogchatter Book Review Program. This is to ensure that all the books under the ebook carnival get a sufficient number of reviews.

Read about the full information here.

Any cost involved here?

Listing the book with Blogchatter is free. If you are not using additional services of any professional or firm (for editing, cover design, conversion, etc.) then even creation of ebook is free.

Please make a note:

Last day to register for Ebook Carnival: 8th May 2020
Last day to submit ebooks for the Carnival: 15th May 2020

Register here

blogchatter ebook carnival

Here are the rules and points needed to be taken care of while you decide to publish your own ebook.

  1. Your ebook should contain a minimum of 5k words.
  2. It should contain copyright and acknowledgment
  3. Author bio and image
  4. Proper structure and formating
  5. Chapter names and page numbers
  6. Book cover
  7. Corresponding images
  8. Due credit, if you are using another’s image or any referring to any incident.
  9. Keep it simple
  10. Pour your heart 🙂

Happy publishing!

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

Shhh! Don’t talk about Mental Health – Book Review

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A review of a newly launched book – Shh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health. Why being quiet is no longer an option.


Sharing the mutual passion for spreading the Mental Health Awareness, I could not resist when I learned about this newly launched book on Mental Health and the title of the book was so attention-grabbing that one just cannot resist to give it a read. Shh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health.

I have read the entire book with deep interest and I must say he has done a commendable job. He has beautifully managed to present his thoughts in a very different perspective supported with deep research, facts, statistics and history.

The most interesting part of the book is the historical facts about the Mentall Illness, the treatment, the stigmas attached to it and the prejudice. I have been writing a lot about Mental Illness and its effects, I do not hold any degree or accolade so I usually stress upon self-help ideas and spread the awareness about the different forms of disorders and how it effects an individual.

I have been through that space while I was fighting a critical illness and the feeling of depression had caged me, honestly I still feel jittery but I was not clinicaly depressed so I could manage to swim across all my inner demons and reach the shore after a year. ( I hardly speak about it)

Reaching the shore and experiencing the withdrawal symptoms was the exact point I realised “IT IS FOR REAL”.

The author of the book exactly conveys the message supporting with historic evidences and facts supportive enough to prove that how Mental Health is still stigmatised and how difficult it becomes for the individual to seek for the coping mechanisms.

About the Author:

The author of the book Arjun Gupta, aims to make this world a better place and tries to spread some sensitivity towards those battling their own minds, hence he started promoting Mental Health Awareness through his blogs and Youtube Channel.

Arjun Gupta is a Mental Health Activist and have battled severe clinical depression between 2015 and 2017. He hails from Hisar, Haryana and is presently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from Delhi University.

His first book was published in 2018, The A-Z of Mental Health.He feels highly obliged for the support he has got from his family and friends.

The Review – Shh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health

Don’t Talk About Mental Health. But why? Says the author loud and clear with his each word in this book. This book is a story of a 19 year old Yashasvi battling clinical depression and overcoming it, no stop, it just doesn’t end here, the book takes you back at 13th century. Now can you imagine how long we have been fighiting to spread the word?

Today we are in the 21st Century and yet we are discussing that we should be more open about discussing Mental Health issues, activists, pychologists, counsellors are trying their best to spread the word but still it needs more attentiveness.

People still lack awareness and they ignore or avoid talking on the issue often. The author has mentioned about the famous case of the Bethlam Hospital, London, You will be surprised with revelations he has made in the book.

” There are many persons now living who can remember passing the gates of old Bethlam and hearing, as they passed, the cut of the lash and screams of the victims” – Mary Lamb( A famous English writer suffering from Mental Illness,1796)

The ill-treatment to the mentaly sick people was very distrubing, it was no less than a prison. While reading this chapter I remembered one very old incidence, I was in sixth standard at that time and my dad was posted in Bihar.

Many of you in this field might be aware of the Central Institute of Psychiatry, Kanke,Ranchi. Since it was in Kanke it was called as Kanke Pagalkhana, literally and bluntly. My school was somewhere on the Kanke Road and I remember people talking about it and it was later when I learned that it is officialy known as Central Institute of Psychiatry and not a pagalkhana (Mental Hospital).

I am quoting this incident here just to add and support the thought that it is indeed a very deep rooted issue, a stigma which is prevailing since ages and now coming back to the book, it says the same thing that claiming someone has psychological problems immediately brings about the LABELS like ‘crazy’ , ‘unstable’, ‘dangerous’, and even ‘psychotic’. This is somewhere the change should begin from.

From various psychological theories like one of the Great thinker Hippocrates, who said that the mental illness was caused by the biological factors neither by any spirits or supernatural things. Then diving into to Anciet Indian texts, Veda Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata, the book tries to touch the psychological aspect of each era.

Importance of emotinal intelligence and benefit from talking is something everyone should understand and here I would like to quote few lines from the book emphasising the same, ” The future of Mental Health care is rooted both in prevention and cure. Prevention will include building resilience in young children and improving their emotional intelligence.”

Chapters like Unneccesary romance, stigma,poverty and mental health,superpowers of media, those people, throws light on how society and media portrays a image in our mind about mental illness and present it as per their limited knowledge or no knowledge at all.

Final Words

Right from defining the history of psychology, providing facts and examples of the famous personalities, defining Mental Health and its causes, and how a movie could be a source of surviving or just a support group can plant a ray of hope in the the individual, author sums up it all so well and you will be discovering a heart-warming fact towards the end of the book.

Read this book with your heart, understand it from your mind and don’t try to find logic in the theories, just try to connect the dots.

Rating :5/5

Grab your copy now!! Happy Reading!!

This book review is a part of Blogchatter Book Review Program.

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair aka Virtual Siyahi

From Blogger to Author – First Ebook

My First eBook

“26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You”

is live and kicking with 400 downloads (WHICH I NEVER EXPECTED)

Today I will be sharing my experience with you all, how I traveled the nooks and corner of the internet and made my way from a blogger to a published author.


A journey of two years and trust me I am still traveling and discovering new ways. I still feel hesitant to call myself an author, because it is not only a term for me it is a designation, a respectable position which is very hard to earn. Not everyone who writes becomes a writer or everyone who publishes some work becomes an author.

I always believed and still believe that writing is a serious business, it needs a lot of dedication, patience, and perseverance for one to reach to that height where his/her piece of writing could be termed as brilliant or magnificent one.

I do not believe in perfectionism, I feel when we touch perfectionism we cease to learn. We stop learning and we stop growing. We stop experimenting and we stop learning from our own mistakes. From my trials and tribulations, from my failures and achievements, I have learned a lot, moreover, I have learned to stay humble and respectful towards others and I still intend to learn more in order to grow more.

Blogger to Author:

It takes years to draft that first manuscript, it takes a lot of courage to pen down your thought process and give them means and ways to flow in a direction such which connects to the reader’s heart directly to form a never-ending connection.

It took me one year to understand the blogging geometric and call myself a blogger, I just used to write, expressing things I experience around me. Later I realized there is more to it, no no not the monetization part, but the connection part, reading the part, commenting part, getting recognized for your thoughts, your writing skills, your authenticity, your originality is no less than a reward for me.

I took blogging seriously in 2018 and started researching and studying a lot about it, started writing on various platforms, started sharing my work on different social media handles by creating a dedicated Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube Handle.

Trust me it is not as easy as it appears to be for many, just writing a few lines and boasting about it, as it looks like. In order to make some space for myslef, I had to;

  • Shed my inhibitions
  • Overcome my fear
  • Be confident about my thoughts and beliefs
  • Be assertive and firm
  • Follow a niche
  • Develop quality content
  • Stay raw and original
  • and respecting others’ work too.

I left no stone unturned, I tried and tested my abilities, I upgraded my skills, I learned new skills and I was open to feedbacks always.

I focused on things that matter, I stayed away from the toxic people, I reduced my circle by filtering out the unhealthy particles and unfamiliar notions.

I learned to say NO, I started reasoning and questioning to know more and learn more.

Testing Times:

Recently I took up a one-month writing challenge for the very first time and trust me I was little unsure if I would be able to finish it because writing daily following a single theme and then I had my traveling plans and a family wedding to attend too, but I registered for the challenge.

The theme I decided was Mental Health Awareness because I wanted to do my bit by spreading some awareness and I thought this could be the best time to make it reachable to the maximum readers.

As I started with this challenge, you know what happened?

  • I realized my own capabilities
  • I realized I could write at least 600 words daily
  • I could connect with people from different walks of life
  • I had regular visitors to my blog
  • My stats increased
  • My follower count increased
  • My thought process was accepted and appreciated by many readers which ultimately motivated me to write more effectively
  • and with all this, I survived the challenge

I completed the challenge and after a month what I was amused to discover was that my book was ready, my first manuscript was ready to be shaped into a book.

Now blogging was tough to understand and implement and imagine how troubling my book editing and beautification part would have been? Again absolutely clueless about the editing part I still went ahead.

I opted for MS Word and no other software, sticking to the basic justified formatting, following the basic book publishing norms to acknowledge people who helped you, table of contents, Introduction of the book and then the BOOK, I read, re-read and was still skeptical before hitting that send button to the publisher.

Book Publishing and Promotion:

The publisher here is Blogchatter, who had organized the whole one-month writing challenge, which has become a ten-year-old custom now. On the successful completion of the challenge, one can register for the ebook publishing through them and I thought why not test my abilities right away and here I hit that send button and emailed my very first book draft.

It was approved and the ebook link was live very soon. Now the challenging part was to promote it and I applied all my marketing skills which I have acquired from my basic R&D and deep digging from the Internet.

Still pretty much unsure about the response, I started posting about my books on my Social Media Handles and to my surprise my ebook was out of stock on the very first day. All the 200 free links were exhausted in the same day.

My happiness was immeasurable and beyond my expectation and I requested for more stock and got my ebook stock refilled and today I have 400 and counting downloads and I am getting wonderful and very honest feedback from the readers.

In the end, I would say, there is no right time to do things you love or you believe in.

If you have an idea do not sit on it, grab every opportunity which comes in your way.

Leave no stone unturned, even if you feel like giving up in between remember why you started and push yourself to complete thinking, why and what you started for.

I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers and friends who have downloaded my eBook and made it possible for me to believe in my work and enhance my confidence. Thank you so much!

I am sharing the free link to my eBook here, feedback and reviews will be awaited.


Priyanka Nair ebook front.jpg

Much love and gratitude