Book Review – Mental Health: A Primer

Book Review:

Mental Health- A Primer

Blogchatter Book Review Program

Author: Pooja Priyamvada

Book Name: Mental Health: A Primer

Genre: Mental Health

Total Number of Pages: 65

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Author:

A depression survivor, a mental health activist, a columnist at Financial Express, an awarded blogger and author, Pooja Priyamvada has left no stone unturned. She has fought her invisible illness and came out like a shining star. Mental illness is still a matter of taboo and the author has made a commendable attempt to address each trigger which could lead to greater damage in an individual if not given timely attention.

In her book, she has mentioned 26 such problem areas which are still unknown to many due to lack of awareness. It is said that it is difficult to understand the pain of others unless you wear their shoes, and the author herself has been through the pain and that’s the reason now imbibed with her own experience and her deep research she is spreading the awareness around her to build a safe and non-judgmental space for all.


The author has entirely dedicated this book to the mental health and pain warriors, the fights which they fight inside remains unknown to many, but the struggle is for real, the emotions are for real and all the unexpressed feelings are for real.

Unfortunately, their stills exist the stigma around mental health issues and people don’t take it seriously. The rising statistics needs a lot of awareness in order to spread the recognition and importance of Mental health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the most common illness worldwide and the leading cause of disability. They estimate that 350 million people are affected by depression, globally.

The behavioral pattern, the mood swings are hard to understand but if one feels that the person is behaving indifferently then it’s time you try to listen to unsaid words, read between the lines and understand the puzzled behavior of the individual.

The book suggests all the risk factors, common symptoms, and some precautionary tips to avoid the situation and be there for the person in need. The author has very well compiled the list of symptoms, proper diagnosis and timely treatment for the illness like Bipolar disorder, Eating-Disorder, Self-harm, Anxiety which is very essential and on high alert which is only possible when one is aware of it.

This book successfully addresses each symptom and tries to give a message that mental health issues should be treated equally like any other disease.

Why you should read this book?

Being a Mental Health Awareness Enthusiast, I highly recommend this book for two reasons:

  • It covers almost every corner of the mental illness one might encounter in his or her life at any point of time and sometimes the person is not even aware of what is happening, why he is feeling what he is feeling, to travel the other side of the deep ocean you must read this book.
  • This book could act as a comprehensive guide for you to spread the word and awareness about the various disorders, mood swings especially in kid’s behavior and teenage troubles which almost every parent goes through at one stage in their life, but are clueless about the underlying issues it might bring out if not given timely attention.

Rating: 5/5

Be present. Be there. Download your free copy now.

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