Readomania, Lets spread it!!

Books are your best friends, I always use to hear this but never really understood it until I actually started reading. Reading gives you new horizon to think, new dimensions to live in, broadens your vision, the characters breathing in those pages inspires you effortlessly and yes you are never alone when you are reading a book.

My first ever read was “Erich Segal’s Love Story” —One of the most adored novels of our time, this is the book that defined a generation—a story of uncompromising devotion, and a love that changes everything. Simply written and very meaningful.Beginner level reading it was.

The thunder buzzed when I picked up “The Alchemist–by My favorite author Paulo Coehlo”— An International bestseller, translated in 70 languages. The core theme of the book was”when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” .This book changed my whole perception of book reading, this book made me a huge fan of the author and then I started reading all his writings one by one..

I wont skip to mention that I have read all the books written by Chetan Bhagat, despite of getting remarks like –you read Chetan Bhagat? are you serious? But I have not seen such a conventional and simple writer,  His characters are young, ambitious,passionate and have the same moral, social and religious dilemmas as many of the young Indians today.

Another Reading experiment was “Lousie Hay’s-You can heal your life”–– Which is again a bestseller, a book full of positive affirmations, while reading you actually feel, everything is possible and is in our control, our key to happiness and success is only in our hands, how the writer puts you in the thinking zone and you actually start relating your life instances and start getting answers from within.

My recent read “Paulo Coehlo’s Manual of the Warrior of Light”—This book is an inspirational companion to The Alchemist, an international bestseller that has beguiled millions of readers around the world. Every short passage invites us to live out our dreams, to embrace the uncertainty of life, and to rise to our own unique destiny. The author brings out the Warrior of the Light within each of us.

Reading Books with positive affirmations helps us appreciates the miracle of being alive, helps us to accept failure, and leads us to become the person we want to be.

So my dear friends start reading, see you got a new goal for 2018!

#Readomania       #PauloCoehlo



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