Politically Incorrect!!


I was never in my life interested in the much talked about topic– POLITICS!! I could hardly understand the point of indulging myself in the baseless arguments on day to day problems on which we can only have a topic of discussion over a cup of tea. If I were to try to prove a point , the most famous quote of Gandhi ji would pop up– Be the Change you want to see in the world!!!

Well definitely,  we can be the change we want to see in the world, but will anyone let us make any change? The problems are so deep routed that all the Sarkari problems have become a part of our culture and no matter how much we try , we feel so helpless in the given situation and end up following the stereotype.

What started bothering me now is, Since BJP came into SarkarRaj and after hearing and understanding the much appreciated story of Mr. Narendra Modi’s work in Gujarat, and how he will be taking steps to change the nation, his quote—Ache din aanewale hai..kept on pondering into my ears, every time I used to hear them it acted as dopamine to me, yes he might do something…His foreign tours made me think he is understanding where we lack and what we can adopt, his demonetization move made me believe yes he has got the power to take a decision,His initiative for Jan Dhan Yojana, His launch of Make in India, digital India, His Campaign of Beti Bachao,Beti Padhao to name few..made me believe him..After staying hopeful and believing in the Strong Visionary Leadership quality of #Modiji  ,I expected more from him..

I have been waiting on Two area to be worked upon, there could be many area though…but these two complexities of life bothers me a lot as a woman, and if he has not got the power to address the situation then I wonder who has it?

My both concerns are based on his most sentiment-attached campaign #BetiBachaoBetipadhao…

  1. I would like to understand, What is your take on the rising numbers of molestation, rapes, now gang rapes, infant rapes.. what is the use of beti bachao abhiyaan here…  the beti of your desh getting molested every day, will she able to carry the burden of her life, will she be able to really stand up for herself, even if she tries doing that, the family and society might suppress her. As a mother, as a woman I do not feel safe when I am travelling alone, while I am taking a cab, while my daughter is away from me even if she is in the school..
  2. Most of the women in this country stops working once they conceive , they want to work, they are ambitious, they are career -oriented, they too want to support their husbands for a better living but just because they are afraid of their child’s safety and security , they hesitate to step out.. Even in the job-Interviews, the employer see a mother as a subject of pity… ohh How will she manage with a baby, and that becomes her weakness or a point to doubt? There are hardly any organization in this country who have taken measures to open up for taking care of children of the women employees in the office premises itself, just by this single step a mother who might be gold medalist in her academics can do good for her career..again my question is, is it too much to expect from our Sarkar?

These are the situation which many of my friends,family members and myself face in our regular lives and it bothers me, it pinches me.. why aren’t any reforms set for such important issues yet.. Beti ko bachake aur padhake karenege kya Modiji jab usko ek secured aur successful life hi na de paye.

#MODIJI  #Achedinkabaayenege  #ourwomenneedssafety















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