Two questions to self.

Break the monotony

dac brown


Now this is really needed, for me for you and for everyone, whether you are working, a student, a housewife or anyone.It’s hard not to get bored by a life where each day is the same as the last one. If you feel like you are stuck in a similar monotonous life and are longing for a change, here are  two questions which you can ask to yourself.Ask these two simple questions to yourself daily, and it will change your perspective towards life. Keep on asking these two questions until you find an answer in YES!!!

  • When you get up in the morning, everyday ask yourself, do you really enjoy what you are doing right now or where you are right now, it could be your job or relationship or anything, if yes then your found what sparks joy in your life and if not then,what are you doing about it? what steps are you taking to improve the situation? If you do not like the present job then you need to introspect within, is this the field of your job you were meant to be in.. We all are different personalities, an engineer if made to work as a Customer Care Representative, will not enjoy his/her work. You need to find WHAT SPARKS JOY in your LIFE? You need to find your purpose, you need not become a victim of any given situation, you need to find solutions and work on it.
  • Second question you need to ask to yourself is before going to bed, Did you enjoyed your day today? Did you at moment of the day had that feeling of accomplishment? You need to revisit your day and find the areas which sparked joy in your day, and the areas which did not worked out well, then you need to work on those areas by finding the solutions to make it work.

Just these two simple questions on what will keep you exited for the day and what kept you going throughout the day will help you realize your inner self. Simply following the daily routine makes us mechanical, Our Life is like a plant and we need to nourish it, then only it will grow and give flowers and fruits to us. We need to put life in our life. We need to break that monotonous pattern we have created for ourselves.

It might seem to be irrelevant as sab thik hi to chal raha hai.. but ye thik aura acha bhi to ho sakta hai and for that instead of experimenting with others and draining out our energies on pity issues we can use it to upgrade ourselves, there is no limit for up gradation and instead of feeling that you are stagnating, you will feel that each day you are giving something to yourself.  The more you learn the more you grow!!!

#breakmonotony        #Introspect


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