My Blogging Journey!

5000 views on my blog-My Blog statistics! 🙂

Well , I never wanted to become a blogger. Yes I am a MBA and I have worked in industries and academics but I never thought I would end up becoming a full time open diary blogger. Want to know what led to it?

As I have stated in my previous blog <a href="http://My four year old love affair, that how I gained the courage to take that one step towards my passion and follow it. It is all about identifying your inner strengths, your skills and mostly to believe in your self before you take an idea and head towards it. I always loved to write but I never thought I would start writing in front of the world and now I just cannot stop writing, reading and then writing even more. When I used to read the articles written by amazing writers all around the corners of world, I found myself way to behind to reach to their level but yes I am reaching somewhere, I am able to bring people to my blog and make them read what I write, some like it, some follow it and it makes me feel happy. I have been following some amazing bloggers like Vishal Bheero, Cristian Mihai, Longreads, Serendipity, Jessica Davidson and many more who not only inspires you by their writing but helps you sustain in this blogging world. It could be a nostalgic ride for all the eminent bloggers on the WordPress and other platforms, I might sound like a beginner in this field but yes at least I have begun and I am reaching somewhere.

Trust me it looks all convenient and a easy walk but it requires tremendous patience and perseverance to hold on. Arise, Awake and stop for nothing till you get what you believe in.




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