Illuminating Diwali!!

Diwali for me is like reliving my childhood every year, as I grow up..

Diwali is like those sweets prepared in mom’s kitchen every year..

Diwali is another reason for my dad to bring us our most desired things..

Diwali is the reason of engaging ourselves deep with our own house..

It is like taking care of the needs of the house, things which gets older are discarded,

new things are brought, house goes under deep cleaning..

Each and every corner is cleaned and decorated..

Entrance of the house smell like festive carnival..

with the beautiful rangoli to welcome all the guests and visitors..

Lightnings being my most favourite part..adds brightness to the atmosphere..

I smile like a five-year old seeing the lights even today while driving on the streets, staring at the buildings,admiring the work of people in front of their house, in their balconies…

Diwali brings us together..for few days world seems to be smaller..sweeter and brighter than ever.

Enjoy the festival with positivity. Spread love,visit your friends,make this Diwali more beautiful than ever.

Happy Diwali!!



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