Controlling Negative Emotions

“We might be the master of our own thoughts, yet we are slaves of our emotions”.

Stoicism; A philosophy for minimizing the negative emotions in our life and maximizing our gratitude and joy.

A human being is made up of several elements, emotions being the core of most of them. We are often directed to control our emotions as per the given situation. Emotions being the most vulnerable of all the elements of human nature are often taken for granted, maybe because of its availability in abundance.

We are expected to show different emotions in different situations like we are supposed to be merciful towards the sufferer, happy when others are happy, indifferent to the evil. Most of our difficulties lie in the parameter of being unable to hold on to our minds in the required manner. For example, if someone does something evil, we immediately want to harm them and build up all the negative temperament around us, which in turn destroys our inner peace and most of the times we even fail to make our point. On the contrary, to express our happiness to someone who is on cloud no 9, we go over the board and do things out of the ways to make them feel special, but when we do not get the expected appreciation or admiration in return we feel devastated.

Every vicious thought will rebound, every thought of hatred which you may have thought, in a cave even, is stored up, and will one day come back to you with tremendous power in the form of some misery here. If you project hatred or jealousy, they will rebound on you with compound interest – Swami Vivekanada

Controlling our emotions is like sprinkling salt as per taste, no more no less. It helps to be in harmony with our outer and inner state. Not every action needs an immediate reaction. it’s not that we lose something when we refrain ourselves from showing such emotions, but we choose to store our energies for better things, for higher gains.

Remember, what goes around comes around 🙂





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