Mental Health Awareness Series- Humanity ki Chain – Episode -3- Ms. Swati Bajpai

Welcome to the third Episode of Humanity ki chain, Mental Health Awareness Series, with the third guest Ms. Swati Bajpai.

Today we will be discussing the importance of Medical Help in mental health conditions. Mental Health treatment and the stigmas attached to it. An opportunity to raise awareness of taking timely help with the expertise of Swati Bajpai who is a practicing psychologist.

The stigma attached to mental illness is so acute that we have had a historically ‘hush-hush’ attitude towards it. Our culture has categorically discouraged emotional sharing and outbursts.

We have always preferred to “keep it in the family” rather than seeing a professional. This aversion has led to people keeping quiet about their struggles and psychological trauma. Bottling up of emotions as agreed by experts leads to untimely and dangerous outbursts not only for the person but also for the people around them.

Suicide is one of the leading manifestations of underlying psychological trauma. Suicide rates have risen exponentially in recent years and 17% of total global suicides occur in India. This is an alarming statistic! (source :News18)

Swati Bajpai is a licensed clinician and is currently working as a Psychologist in private practise in the United States. She has also worked with the U.S. government in the Public Behavioral Health Department.

Apart from being a practicing Psychologist, Swati loves to write and spend some time with plants and gardening, She has also been featured at She the People 

This Mental Health Awareness Series is a small attempt from my side to spread some mental health awareness and enable people to talk. The more we talk about it, the more we will be able to break the stigmas attached to it.

Mental Health is as important as Physical Health and it is not possible to drive a massive change alone, so let’s join together and spread some positivity.

You can get in touch with her here: Swati Bajpai at Facebook 

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Much love and gratitude
Priyanka Nair

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