Common FAQs Related To Meditation – Day 6


This is the 6th Blog of my 21 day Meditation and wellness series. In my last post I tried explaining about few types of Meditation, which we can try. I had also mentioned steps to follow. In this post, I will try to address few frequently asked questions and confusions about meditation.

By the way, did you meditate today?

FAQs Related To Meditation

1. What is the right way of meditation?

Getting lost in thoughts, losing concentration and geting distracted, noticing it, and returning to your rhythm of breathes, is how it’s done. If you are following this, you are doing it right.

2. How to take mindfulness meditaiton?

Mindfulness can be practiced alone, anytime, or with like-minded friends. There are professional ways and many resources, to tap into.  Daily guided meditations are also available by smartphone app, or you can practice in person at a meditation center. 

3. Should I practise everyday?

The more you do it the more you master it,the more you incline with your soul.  You can surely practise it daily, for minimum 5-8 minutes, alter on you can increase the time depending upon your comfort.

4. How does meditation work?

Meditation helps us to connect with self, rewire within. It helps to move from higher frequency brain waves to lower frequency, which activates different centers in the brain.

5. Can we do yoga/exercise along with meditaiton?

Yes, that would be double bonanza. Especially if you include some breathing exercise (Pranayama) it will relax your tensed muscles. You can also work out and do yoga, then meditate at any time of your ease. 

I hope you find these faqs related to meditation helpful and it gives you all a better clarity to take that first step towards your mental wellness. Please take out few minutes daily and focus on your breath.

Please stay home and stay safe.


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