This day is all we have

This time…this moment..this day is all we have..

We may be gone tomorrow…

We may be never be seen again but what we choose to do in between these moments will define the true virtue of our existence🍃 To leave our mark be remembered even when we are gone, we must do something we never did.

🍃 We must follow our dreams.
🍃We must choose our sanity over anything else.
🍃Peace of mind over bullshit.
🍃Mental wellness over toxic relationships.
🍃Inner-content over materialistic desires.

We must live like there is no tomorrow and live each day, one day at a time🦋

Much Love and Gratitude


11 thoughts on “This day is all we have

  1. Making the most of every moment matters and paying attention to one’s helps us channel our energies in building our lives, making better choices and dreams. It matters for the day shall never come back.

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