4 Years Of Virtual Siyahi!

Hello people!!

I am here to celebrate four years of Virtual Siyahi with you all. This is my open diary blog and my first blog that I created on 27th December, 2016 with a lot of apprehensions and being completely unaware of the blogging industry.

That was the time, when I just knew that I want to write and create something of my own, today after 4 years when I am over 700 blog posts old, with 3 blogs, a youtube channel and a Podcast I know what it meant for me and how much efforts I have put to make all this work and stand together, complementing each other and holding each other with a single hook i.e Mental Health.

You know why I started writing?

I was going through deep shit in my life and I wanted to do something about it. Cliche, it might sound but it is what it is. I was undergoing a treatment so I could not go out and work, and sitting idle was only making me restless, I use to write in diary and one day I learned about WordPress blogs. Voila!

I created one with domain name as priyankaspen.com and later I named it to “Virtual Siyahi”. Even after launching Sanity Daily (my professional setup) and other platforms people still better connect with me via Virtual Siyahi. I don’t know the name just hit me, once I was writing something and I knew I had to give this a name, something related to ink and digital world because we write online, hence Virtual Siyahi means VIRTUAL INK.

I was completely unaware about the professional blogging and monetization part of a blog. But since I was putting a lot of effort in my writing, I decided to upgrade myself and learn SEO, keyword research and other things. I learned to create graphics, video editing and began to spend time understanding my audience. I am still learning.

Form my first blog


To latest blog

Things changed, my writing style changed, my understanding about the subject changed but my determination and grit for writing remained unchanged and unaffected 🙂

It required a lot of time, patience and experiments. Few things worked, few things goofed up terribly. But I always learned something new and took a mental note of my learnings that has helped me to sustain so far.

Later in 2019, I launched my professional blog Sanity Daily, a complete mental health space. By this time, I had found my purpose through following my passion i.e writing. It gave me a different perspective and helped me identify a unique area of work that I never thought of. I took up a few courses related to mental health, I started taking sessions, webinars on stress management and mental health awareness.

Today, Sanity Daily is listed among top 100 blog in mental health category. In these 4 years of my blogging journey , one thing that I am proud of is that I never gave up, I never stopped and I never paid attention to what people say. I continued my path because I trusted where I am going and what is waiting for me is worth going through the struggle.

You all have been a major part of my 4 year blogging journey, because what is a writer without a reader. You all kept the hope alive inside me, with your encouragement and appreciation, I found courage to move on and finish what I started. With this thought I even launched my Hindi blog PriyankaNair very recently.

So with all this, I am doing my bit to raise the mental health awareness form my end and I want to continue this journey. In the end, I would say that no matter how much awards and recognition I win for my other blogs, videos or poetries, VIRTUAL SIYAHI feels like home to me, my first blog baby and it is very special to me 🙂

I am grateful to all of you and I will always be. I hope the coming year brings joy, peace and harmony in our lives. Take care.

Much love and gratitude


18 thoughts on “4 Years Of Virtual Siyahi!

  1. Congratulations! for the completion of 4 years of your blog Virtual siyahi.
    I know i am too late and for that i feel sorry as i havn’ t been a long user yet. Well after looking at your contents i guess,
    you are doing a great job by spreading your ideas on the very first thing that we should take care off ,Mental health.I have read and watched too some of your blogposts and podcasts and really it helped me a lot more in understanding the importane of my mental health that i am in very much need off. Keep writting and keep spreading your ideas.
    good luck🖒🖒

    Liked by 2 people

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