Takeaways From The Year 2020

What are your key takeaways from the year 2020? While we are busy criticizing and blaming the year 2020 for all the things bad and horrible happening to us, have we by any chance derived some life lessons from this year?

Although this year 2020 sucked, I have had a few life-changing realizations which I will remember for a lifetime.

In this short blog, I am going to share my key takeaways from the year 2020 and I would love to know yours as well.

9 key takeaways from the year 2020

Besides the below mentioned 9 takeaways, I also had some mindful realizations in these 12 months process. I accepted that it is ok to put on weight and take your time to work on it.

It is ok to do things at your own pace but do it. It is perfectly fine to say No to things that don’t spark any joy in your life. It is important to work on self-improvement as it is a continuous process, the more we improve our inner world, the more our outer world gains balance.

This year was hard and it took away lives, jobs, relations, money, and a lot of mental peace but still, it gave us a few reality checks and lessons we can learn from. I chose to learn from it and below are my drawing out of the year 2020:

1.) Nature has its own way of sanitizing itself

Let the human community protect the environment for their own survival and the biodiversity around, says Bhagwad Gita. But what if humans fail to protect the environment? Fail to care for mother nature?

What is the use of campaigns like #endofplastic #saveearth #saveplanet #savewater when we are not mindful of our environment, the first place we live in, and the very basis of our survival?

With all that we have witnessed in 2020, I believed that nature has its own way of sanitizing itself.

2.) The need for developing coping mechanisms

Besides health challenges, the quarantine, work from home, and isolation stress, 2020 was a real test of humanity and I saw it decaying with each passing day.

It began to question our conditioning, how badly we lack to face failures, stress, and express our feelings. How we are expected to be perfect and manage everything under different circumstances when we are never prepared for any of it.

We badly need to develop our coping mechanisms to counter-part any situation and stand still till the storm passes away.

3.) Building resilience among our children and making them life-ready

Are we making our kids life-ready? As soon as the lockdown was announced there was this whole noise on social media showcasing the best home cook food, DIYs, online classes, how learning coding is so important for a child’s development, youngest author, youngest speaker, and how can a child survive without studying from online apps.

Not everyone wants to become a coding expert and launch his/her own app. What is this? Marketing gimmick to mislead children just before they are trying to figure out what exactly they want to do?

Besides all this social drama, I felt a need of building resilience in our children and prepare them for the future by nurturing them with proper life-skills. Continuous improvement happens with continuous training of mind, body, and soul, after that they can decide if they want to code or decode their lives.

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Much Love and gratitude


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