Women v/s. Women

This Women’s day I am not going to write about the glorious achievements made by the powerful women worldwide, we already know them and highly respect them.


“There is a Wonder Woman inside each and every one of us” – Diane Von Furstenberg.

Let us unleash that wonder woman from inside us and support one another. We can’t afford to stick to the outdated and hostile ways of tearing each other down, when we hold one woman back, we hold all women back and when we empower and support each other, we advance together.

The world wants to see more of us and together we can build a place with unlimited spark which can brighten up so many women in their weak areas, A big thumbs up to Reese Witherspoon, who had once asked: “Why do we have to tear other woman down to build another woman up?” Of course, we don’t have to agree with every woman we know, but we can stop trash talking about women’s appearances, parenting, or successes. Gossiping and snarky talk can be addictive, Instead we can help each other, and move together on a positive path.

Women are often scared to share their success mantras with other women even if its just a cooking recipe, just for the fear that the other one might go ahead her. That’s insane. An anonymous person once said, “Jealously is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own.” If one woman soars, it doesn’t mean your wings are clipped, or that there’s limited air space. We all came here to fly no matter what comes in between!

We have always heard people saying that ” Behind every successful man there is a woman”, let us put it this way from now on that “Behind every Successful Woman there is a Strong Woman determined to lift another one”.

#womenpower #wonderwomen #pressforprogress #womensday2018



Fact Courtesy: Susan Scog


  1. Very well penned. I do agree with you, women have this mentality. Unless and until we take a step, nothing can change. I am glad enough to meet a wonderful women, who helped me take an initiative towards my dream. Thanks Priyanka for your support.

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