Udaan~~ Ek nayi Soch!!


I have always believed in the idea of following your passion and doing things which makes you happy and gives you the feeling of contentment. In one of my past blog Women v/s. Women I had mentioned that I definitely want to be a woman, who lifts another woman and yes in my blog Follow your passion I did mentioned few women I know who made a real difference in their life by finding their passion and pursued them. Today I am going to share a beautiful journey of few ladies who took that step of courage to step out of their daily routine and contribute something essential and very concrete to the society by not only devoting their precious time but also their full dedication and honesty.


It was in 2016 when these ladies thought of giving a name to their wish of doing something and that is how the idea of UDAAN (Charitable Group) was established on 14th Nov,2016 by Ms. Keya Joshi (President), Poonam Gupta ,Anju Joshi, Mradula Sengar, Dr.Meghna Rathi, Niru Bhattacharya ,Sandhya Sharma with with the idea of approaching the nearby rural areas and start working on the improvement of their present living condition. The group was committed to work for the welfare of the needy,destitute & the underprivileged children.They focus on the betterment of the children of the slum area and orphans by providing them with basic needs of food, clothes, stationary & other important things.

Activities conducted by Udaan Group on regular basis:

#They have been conducting special awareness programs in government schools,slum areas about basic hygiene and education.

#Helping the homeless & old age, during winter season by distributing woolen clothes n blankets.

#Conducting small talks with underprivileged women about the importance of education and their personal hygiene.

#Regular visits to the government schools to identify the problem areas and provide inputs for the betterment.


#Udaan Group conducts a huge drawing competitions every year especially for the kids of slum areas, so that they can exhibit their talent. They get rewarded with delicious food and prize, which boosts their confidence.

#They have worked for the government primary school to upgrade it’s conditions like electricity, water supply, cleaning of the school premises regularly to make it a better place. After their regular visits & interference,the condition of the school has totally changed. Nagar Nigam’s vehicle collects the garbage regularly & cleaning is done on every alternate days. They donated Rugs for every class so that students don’t have to sit on the floor.

#In lieu of spreading the awareness for cleanliness and hygiene, they conduct counselling of the students & donate dustbins, brooms, pitcher and pots.

Just by doing these small but valuable gestures these wonderful ladies are bringing difference in the society, and it all started with a SOCH.. a Thinking…A desire to do something, breaking the monotony and coming out of the cocoon to explore the world.

Future Goals:

#They intend to help as many needy kids for their betterment.

#Encourage more number of uneducated women,to make themselves aware of personal hygiene as well as domestic violence.

Udaan Group just aims to bring smiles to the pretty faces by talking to them & allowing them to play, draw, dance,sing and most importantly giving them the importance and recognition.

So if you feel your life is monotonous, look around and find ways to make it extravagant!!





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