90’s rebel

Statutory Warning: Read it if you grew up in 90’s, so that you can enjoy the nostalgic ride you are going to have right now 🙂

We are the lucky one’s to witness the era of transformation! The Millennium! aren’t we? Undeniably growing in the 90’s has shape up in something which no other decades could have done.


Our Childhood was technology free

Communication was in person, we use to search for reason , as silly as it could be, just to hang around with our friends around the neighborhood and have some funny conversation. Show our new stuffs, play with those trump cards.  How much fun was that? That was the time when children were creative, imaginative, adventurous, lively and yes didn’t care about likes and selfies. Playing outside was all Dirt, fun and full of trying new things yet it was so enjoyable.

Mario bros game anyone? If you have not had your share of fight on whose turn next, you lost I won , over those super contra, spartan games which was a big hit in 90’S, you have done it all wrong.


Transitional Era

We used to have those Black and White T.V that too with the shutters and later we discovered a 21″ color T.V , Wow and never imagined a T.V life beyond that and now we have LED, LCD, Plasma,Smart ,HD ready and what not, we have the whole world around us.

Those heavy , space consuming Computers to Laptops, Mc book? I think most of us had that custom-made Computer cabinets in our house, with so many attachments to the desktop. Later we shifted to the sleeker ones and finally we got our hand on the Laptop and the size is reducing by inch. Awesome!! Well interestingly even a toddler today know how to work with a computer, phone or iPad, when the ’90s grown didn’t even know something like that would exist!

We have actually witnessed the Telephone to Mobile phone era. Soon the telephone became the antique piece or a subject of need for commercials and mobile phone took a place in every one’s pocket and handbags. Before we could know it became a part of our necessity from being a luxurious item. Who imagined in 90’s that we would be able to talk to people live sitting in the different corner of the world and not miss out anything in life with the Social Media platforms available and open to all. Life made easy? Yeah!

Audio Cassettes anybody? From Radio, transistors we went up to devices Amazon Alexa. We had to set the station right to tune in ourselves to the right song and now we just have to tell the device to play a song and poof its on!!!

Where we had carefully use that 36 camera roll film for the future pictures and now we click like hundreds of pictures in a month or may be a week.

Floppy Disks anybody? See how we transfomed froma floppy disk, to CD, Hard Disks, pen drives… it just got narrower and widespread at the sametime!!

The Indie Pop Culture fan?

Does anybody miss that awesome Indie pop music culture that was a big hit in 90’s…Sonu Nigam’s Deewana tera, Alisha Chenoy’s Made in India, Shweta Shetty’s Deewane to Deewane hai, Shaan’s Tanha dil, Sagarika’s Maa, Euphoria’s Maeri to list down few and yes how can one forget Purani Jeans? Dooba dooba? Gori nall ishq, Remo’s O meri Munni.. … 🙂 I totally enjoyed that music and I still listen to them and feel so good about it, going back to the memory lane.

In the black and white days, chitrahar was the only life saver. Later on it went more colorful with the series like Shaktiman, Dekh bhai dekh, Hum Paanch, Malgudi Days, Just Mohabbat, Hip Hip Hurray, Chandrakanta, I dream of Jennie, Small wonder, Boogie Woogie and yes who can forget CID.. We grew watching ACP Pradyuman Sinha, right? Most of us were not allowed to watch M T.V as it might would have spoiled us, remember anybody?? 🙂

Flames? Tic Tac Toe? Kho Kho? Marbles?

Back street boys? Boyzone? Britney Spears?Bryan Adams? George Michael?

Honestly the list and the adventure of the 90’s would be endless to mention here, while I listed out few from my box, now you recall few out of your memory box and share them in the comments and let’s be a part of 90’s rebel.. Have an awesome life!! Let the memories last forever and share them with our Gen-next.

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14 thoughts on “90’s rebel

  1. The 90s was bliss for me and the joy of audio casette stuck in the recorder, spooling it with a pen, outdoor games and of course, the songs. It was the best decade for music. You won’t believe since the morning listening to 90s songs on Radio Mirchi making me relieving the days of growing up, the years of Khans and Akshay Kumar. Right now, listening to hamari chahaton ka mit na sakega fasana 🙂

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